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50 thoughts on “The Military Diet Vlog+Results!

  1. Wtf every three hours this bitch to is like I'm hungry… she finishes eating then she says I'm snacky like wtf also she is supposed to eat the ice cream and banana half with the meal so it could work and she woke up at like 11:30 and so she at like every 2 hours wtf

  2. you should try the Forever Natural Earth Tone with Wardell take the phone call challenge you will love it just ask for Wardell 1 (901)-208-5201

  3. I can not believe people really are believing that people in the service eat like this. No I damm sure I did not eat like this the 8 years I was in the army. Please people don't believe everything that people do.

  4. Not to be mean, but for future videos, consider just tying your hair back, lol. Super distracting, the way you are constantly touching it and flipping it around. That said, this plan does work. It's a good jump start, but not something to do constantly.

  5. Robert Von Fricken November 15, 2016 at 2:12 am - Reply

    I did a military diet in exactly one month i lost 30lb the only way it worked for me was 1 meal a day no bread, no fruit, absolutly no carbs, and plenty of water and you have to no matter what do CARDIO every single day. a diet is not suppose to be fun. Remeber it is completely mental

  6. ow,how u judge this difference.i mean how can u know.its a big difference just in one cup.for meat its 125g n for cheese its 225 g.i have tried military diet n failed to loose wt.probably because of these measurement mistakes.i'm confused!

  7. or and thank you for the idea of eating the ice cream and the banana to eat it later. cause today I starting the military diet  the I saw from cheap tip and I am doing his and am taking your idea of eating the ice cream and the banana last thank you god bless

  8. You are beautiful don't worry what others think of you you are siriously gorgeous without any makeup don't worry u are just perfect just the way you are!☺️

  9. I'm on day 1, going to have lunch soon. But I think it's funny how most people seem to struggle with the tuna but the thing I'd struggle with if there wasn't a substitute is all the banana lol. I couldn't eat the grapefruit today though and didn't do the substitute.

  10. maybe it was the salmon that didn't help? Not the fact that it was salmon but that you got pre packaged food which has a lot of seasoning &a lot of salt.
    maybe sticking to tuna is the key? I'm starting today so I guess I will find out.

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