Military Diet Vlog+RESULTS!

CAN WE GET THIS TO 50 LIKES??? THE MILITARY DIET: ♡ Open Me ♡ I hope you guys enjoy this video! In this …

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50 thoughts on “Military Diet Vlog+RESULTS!

  1. Yesterday was my last day of the military diet I weighed myself today I lost 2 pounds just like the girl did. It was my first time trying it so I'm going to try it again to see if I lose more tbh I didn't follow it to a t ????

  2. I'm not saying your mum is a bad person but she really shouldn't have let you do this diet. it's terribly un-nutritious, dangerous and is regularly taken by girls who have eating disorders (also not saying you have one but you could be promoting it or taking steps towards one if you do this regularly). you seemed to be hungry all the time which is not good because it can push your body to starvation mode which means that you would gain the weight back and more after the diet. if you want to lose weight, maybe instead of these restrictive diets you can watch the "what nutritionists eat in a day" videos because let's face it they know what they're doing.
    I don't know why you would feel bad about the way you look, you're already quite pretty and slender. even when you apologised for not wearing makeup I was so confused as to why you needed that to cover your natural youthful beauty. I don't think it would be a good idea to lose much more weight to be quite honest, instead maybe focus more on muscle building exercises (promise you wont bulk) if you want to appear more grown up (I don't know, many teens do. I did too. please don't take this as a critique. you're lovely). there are quite a few YouTuber women who lift so it won't be too hard to see that they don't bulk. Rachel Aust is pretty good I think.
    I would also look into some self love for your body because you are far from any kind of inadequacy ?

  3. You already look quite slim which I think is why you didnt lose that much. Ofcourse the more you have to lose the easier and quicker it will come off. But thank you so much for this vlog it was really entertaining to watch! x

  4. so i've been watching many of this clips and turns out no one actually lose 10 pounds in 3 days with this diet…they mostly loos 2,5 or 3 pounds..the lucky ones 5 pounds at most, so why does it say you loose 10 pounds when it's not even close to this number? i wonder

  5. I'm 14 and weigh 200+…:( I wanna lose weight so bad so I'm gonna do this 3 weeks straight. IMMA start and comment when I do then come back with my results 🙂 (I weight 218)

  6. hey I'm juju and I'm 12 I want to do this diet but I'm kind of scared to tell my parents because they will say that I'm ok but I'm kinda chubby from my perspective so how would I do this

  7. Why would a young skinny girl do the Military diet anyways !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to be bigger in order to lose those 10 pds cause most of it will be water at 1st.

  8. Just finished this diet yesterday and the results depend a lot on your level of activity. But honestly if you drink a ton of water, you stay full, very hydrated and feel more energized. The hard part will definitely be keeping up with your health after, you have to maintain a healthy diet or you will gain back the weight. Good luck to anyone trying (:

  9. congratulations you're a champ for completing that. I would cry if I only lost 2.5 pounds after eating like that so kudos to you.

  10. I went on this diet a while ago and could only do day 1 because I passed out but I lost 4.3 pounds on the first day

  11. Hello, I was just wondering, I am allergic to eggs but I want to do the military diet. What can I have instead of eggs?? please responds as soon as possible

  12. Hey hey, The best results that I have ever had was with Zoes bikini plan (just google it) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.

  13. im doing the diet right now, your suppose to peel the grapefruit and not eat the skin or whatever and exercise throughout the day. todays my 3rd day and i have lost 5 pounds not counting today

  14. u did good job.. please tell me any substitute for tuna.. or is it ok if i skip that part of the meal?? and how did ur mom cook brocoli and green beans.? i m not a big fan of green veggies..

  15. The only reason you lost any weight is because you were undereating your calories- NOT because you were eating those certain foods.

  16. This video is old but I noticed you ate a bagel during the diet. That simple input probably contributed to the lack of weightloss. You might as well have eaten 6 pieces of bread for lunch that day. That's all bagels are.

  17. Does anyone know how old she is? And also I can only lunch at 4 o'clock because of school. Is this to late? And does this effect my upcoming results? Plsss answer

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