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44 thoughts on “What to Eat to Lose Weight in 5 Days

  1. АвтоПрогон April 1, 2019 at 11:55 am - Reply

    This simple trick help me losst 21 pounds just in 5 days, to find type in youtube search shockingmetabolism

  2. Reydon Kyle Muyot April 1, 2019 at 11:55 am - Reply

    This is a great video with complete information and meaningful content. Thanks for sharing me this video.

  3. SHAIK NASIRUDDIN April 1, 2019 at 11:55 am - Reply

    This is a great video with complete information and meaningful content. Thanks for sharing me this video.

  4. It is undoubtedly a good program, I am very happy to see one on the farm, how much better it will be for the health of the people after eating them, so I think that every person should accept these freedoms.

  5. Here is my story – How i lose 20 pounds in a two months ? – I followed so many methods and diets but unfortunately nothing worked for me. After office it was impossible for me to go gym or do exercise, so i was gaining weight every single day and i became frustrated and started hating myself. Life became harder as my level of self confidence was decreasing. One day one of my friend suggest me a product, she told me i should try it, who knows may be it will work. Then i oder the product(red tea) and started consuming it regularly with in 1 week i stated getting results and its been two months i lose 20pounds so far.
    I shared my experience as i know how it fells when you stated loosing self confidence .Here is the link you can try it,its Red tea-

  6. I wanna lose my weight and i would definitely try it for sure. Very tasty shake i believe with proper amount of protein. Thanks for sharing this cool tips ro reduce weight

  7. definitely you will start losing weight.. you are starving yourself! No point losing weight but we become unhealthy and lethargic.. I weigh 60+ pounds overweight before and i've lost it all. It's simple.. discipline, some wisdom is all you need. Learn to stick to your plan, but still listen to your body. If you really feel like you are not feeling good, you really are. The best diet plan is the plan that suits your body. Learn to tweak any plan you know to suit you instead. If the plan tells you to workout for 4 sets, but you feel giddy at second, just stop. Work towards it. Losing weight is a journey. Learn to eat food that is less in sugary and skip deep fried. Start getting active and changing to better healthier choice of food. Slowly, you start to gain the momentum and that is when you start incorporating better diet strategies. I did the exact same thing and i started following this video. Good luck to all, we deserve better!! ❤️

  8. What about after 5 days? That's why I strictly follow my Metabolic Cooking routine. Lost 60 pounds and still counting…. I am always on a great and tasty diet. Check out HOW I DO IT, it will save and change your LIFE!

  9. these black chicks be lying saying they be eating exactly that they fat and other ones love handles come on now they aren’t on no diet.

  10. Losing weight isn't that hard as my opinion.. I start eating just watermelon & apple during the day & salmon during the night..after a month, I don't felt hungry anymore & I was scared.. So I called my nephew who's a doctor & told him about my diet.. He told me that I'm about to shut down my organs and I'm almost anorexia …and said I'll be ended up in hospital.. Yes! I did lose weight ..& I wasn't hungry anymore.. I can't eat because I'm not feeling hungry.. So I changed my diet to a healthy one… I'm not going back to my crazy diet foods which isn't good..

  11. No personal offense there but keep yourself consistent exercising sounds a lot better and form you body fit 💪🏻

  12. Well I don't think anyone can lose weight in 5 days! It took me around 3 months, 2 minutes of daily work to get in shape. I bought a product, which worked with my type. I think it's scientifically designed. I got mine worth $237, but now it's for around $40. Want it? Go here:-
    Well I'm not getting anything from this! I just shared this because the product is in huge offer! Well you'll know about it more scientifically on the website that I shared! It's worth trying!

  13. These ladies were not prepared for Dr oz’s question
    What would you have as a meal
    Ladies: points at whatever is in front of them ! I will have that !! 🤨

  14. Many people are losing weight with this easy and simple remedy. My dear, don’t give up please. Losing weight sometimes need dedication and commitment on your side. However, all things are possible when you give a try. You can lose about 23 pounds in just 21 days as many people are doing that and so you too. Maybe you are wondering, how on earth? But remember my dear as I said, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS WHEN YOU TRY. Sharing is caring and so I wanted to share this strategy with you for free cos I understand your pain. You can visit the below link and check for yourself and maybe thank me later.Cheers!

  15. I heard of so many guys having succes at losing their weight with this great product. It’s a tea. What seems amazing because it tastes great and helps to easily lose some weight. Here is the link i hope you succeed 🙂

  16. I have struggled with losing weight all my life. My knees hurt from bearing all the weight. My mom kept telling me that it is 'hereditary' but deep down I knew something could be done about it. Thankfully my research led me to this weight loss system that was such a breeze to follow. I focused all my energy into putting what I have learnt into action. It never felt so easy with the system I followed. To date I have lost 150 pounds, my knees dont ever ache anymore! I am truly happy. I'm sharing the method here. If you need to rescue your body, just do it!

  17. Great advice! If you're still struggling to lose weight, I have a solution for you.

    It's called "The 2 Week Diet" 

    It's a scientifically proven system that has already worked for thousands across the globe, including Hollywood celebrities.

    This system guarantees that you'll lose 8 to 16 pounds of pure fat in only 14 days.

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  18. I love Delicious food and shakes delicious foods and shakes makes my brain happy….. But I gets up early sometimes…. By 11:00 Am I'm on my second shift!!!!

  19. Seems to me this meal plan strategy spikes your insulin too many times a day to get the maximum benefit in any so called fasting plan. I think this is a good start if you need to get motivated into following some sort of regimen but you will eventually plateau and hit a wall and stop losing weight. You want to try to reduce your insulin spikes and stay away from SUGAR or foods that convert to sugar to get longer lasting benefits

  20. ur mom is the bomb April 1, 2019 at 11:55 am - Reply

    wake up: liquids
    drink slimming shake 11am
    fat burning meal at 1:30pm
    another slimming shake at 4pm
    mini fast dinner

  21. Good video. Fasting is the weight loss tip that nobody wants to talk about. Skip the "slimming shake". That's just a marketing term. There is no such thing as a slimming shake. It's what you don't put into your mouth, not what you do put into your mouth. Fat reduces leptin and controls hunger. Protein doesn't "balance" your blood sugar. Reducing carbohydrates reduces your blood sugar.

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