What the Metabolic Diet Is and Why It Works for Anyone

How to Lose Weight with Metabolic Diet. In case you’re looking for a really effective diet that will help you lose weight and maintain the perfect body of your …

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42 thoughts on “What the Metabolic Diet Is and Why It Works for Anyone

  1. There is no such things as multiple metabolism ! There is optimal healthy metabolism and there is damage unhealthy metabolism.
    All cause by environment, nutrition and personal choices.

  2. When I have veggies they taste good CAUSE I ACTUALLY BOIL IT AND ADD SEASONING, like how can anyone eat raw veggies and salads? I would throw up… No wonder why my classmates hate veggies at least add soy sauce..

  3. I didn't know about those things,but I made myself such a diet and it's working.I call it"my new life style"and it's forever.I think our body teaches us what we need if we"listen".

  4. Soph Chiburdanidze September 7, 2019 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    Eating 5 times a day, will never make you healthy, Insulin is produced every time you eat, it is wiser to decrease number of meals and increase time between meals up to 6 hours. This will help decrease insulin.

  5. I heard about this diet in a podcast by some woman, and she told me she was allowed to eat almost anything, within reasonable amounts. And that you have to know you metabolism first, then choose the diet!

  6. She says the author is opposed to a long term low carb diet but the continues to say stage 2 and 3 involve eating low carb and for the rest of your life. Hypocrite

  7. I’m sorry but anything that the daily mail recommends I cannot trust. I assume that it means the uk daily mail. It’s considered a joke and full of rubbish nonsense aiming at a certain part of the population.
    Not a good commendation to rely on.

  8. I actually couldn`t wait to use the weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I was certainly excited. My buddy shed 10 pounds right after this particular weight loss plan, I actually recommend you surf Google to discover how. .

  9. People think this is a shape of an under weight person
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    And this is the shape of an over weight person
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    In reality it's

  10. You should not doing this diet because you will feel tired and you will want sugar. You should eat more rice or pasta and give up on sugar.

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  12. I wish all healthy and nutricious foods were inexpensive and available for every single person but there's a reason why junk, overly processed, unhealthy foods are cheaper and easily accessable.

  13. Vegetable oils and margarine – nope as the processing involved turns anything healthy into trans fats. Mayo – only homemade for me as processed rapeseed/canola oil is very bad. Fruit juice – terrible for insulin, at least when you eat the WHOLE fruit you get the fibre which helps slow down the sugars. Had to look up the carb allowance as ounces are not on labels here, so 0.2oz = 22g (5.5g per meal) which is basically keto for 8 weeks, then raise to 2.1oz (59g) afterwards – this might be the only bit I agree with so far. Lowering insulin response does help improve health. Also the music is dreadful! x

  14. Oml Idek what to believe anymore. Everyone in the comments is saying something different from the video. I just want to fasten my metabolism so I won’t gain weight so easily y’all 😂😂

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