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43 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT on a WORK DAY | 3 EASY VEGAN MEALS (+ recipes)

  1. rawbirbella justthat August 8, 2019 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    Hi Maddie, just an idea…..I personally am not a fan of blending hot liquids in the plastic jugs. I really think it is not the healthiest thing to do (whatever info the suppliers might write on the things) I really think people should be made aware of the dangers of plastic in our food. As it already has the most horrific effects on human health. In these cases I prefer the hand-held metal blender (which did not cost me much) and use it directly in the cooking pot.

  2. Maple flakes normally aren't dehydrated. It's just cooked maple syrup. It firms up when you let it chill and you can make flakes out of it. You can make tons of things if you cook maple syrup: Taffy, maple butter, maple fudge, or maple flakes like you used.

  3. Loved the pasta recipe. Oats really bulk up the fuel in the morning! I appreciate the hard work you put into your videos. It shows. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  4. The guy sitting on the couch in the dark really seemed like a burglar/home intruder… I will have to try my hand at that sauce; I bet it would be really good on some zoodles..! 😮

  5. My Weight Loss Journey August 8, 2019 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    I've been vegan for a month , so this video (and your entire channel) is very helpful for yummy recipe ideas 😍

  6. My 1 year results (47 year old male).
    I ate no chickpeas, green peas, corn, rice, potatoes or other high glycemic veggies, other than every great once in a while. I almost totally avoided sweeter veggies (tomatoes, carrots, corn). I had NO oils (nope, no coconut or avocado or olive oil). I did eat (almost same every day) salads and juices (from my Vitamix) spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce, green bell peppers, spring mix, radishes, cucumbers, avocado, cabbage, nutritional yeast, raw organic apple cider vinegar, raw organic lemon juice, tiny bit balsamic vinegar, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cumin, turmeric, cayenne and other spices. In my salads, I sparingly put walnuts, or pecans, flax or chia, hemp seeds. I supplement with various vitamins and minerals, as well as ad trace minerals into my distilled water. I drink water with ginger, lemon, mint and acv in the a.m. and at night. I seperate my drinking from eating so I don’t water down my stomach acid, preventing bloating, gas, etc.
    I sometimes took a 30-40 minute walk. No working out.
    I lost: 50 lbs, chronic gout and chronic sinusitis, neuropathy, diabetes, gird, ulcers, high blood pressure (went from 211/111 to sometimes 115/75 now), aches and pains in joints as well as phantom pains and restless legs. My skin, teeth, hair and nails also look AWESOME! I sleep DEEP! I am full of energy and my brain is as if I’m on NZT.
    Just thought I’d share. Hope this helps someone!

  7. Do you get bloated or full tummy after eating? I do and I just want to feel like I’m normal…my stomach is so flat until I eat. 😞

  8. I def enjoy watching these, but you have never cooked some of them like the cauliflower sauce… ? 'But you wrote what you eat on a work day..

  9. Your pasta looked so tasty! Yum, Yum, yum. I add too much oil to my cooking.
    Sometimes being vegan does mean cooking all the time. It's sort of annoying. So I have taken to cooking a lot and then freezing the excess. Sometimes in the evenings I'm too tired to cook so as long as i took something out the freezer in the morning, by the evening I just have to put some rice in the rice cooker and steam some veggies. Super quick.

  10. Please make a video about teen vegans and suggestions, and whether it’s ok for teens to have protein shake or not

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