What I Eat In A Day: PALEO-ish Edition #kickstart2019

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28 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day: PALEO-ish Edition #kickstart2019

  1. I used to be “afraid” of potatoes because of the starch—it’s been a long journey on my path to respecting what I put in my body. Paleo rules are a bit fluid… there’s a debate about potatoes in the paleo world. I fall on the Whole30 side of that debate: pro tubers of all kinds! What about you? I know some people feel white potatoes shouldn’t be included, but that doesn’t resonate with me. My goal with paleo is to eat Whole Foods, and potatoes bring me joy! 😍

  2. I come to you my bill nye of food for inspiration and I was wondering if you could maybe do some veggie ideas? I feel stuck in a carrot broccoli pepper potato world. Do I not know of others or are they hard to buy/cook?! No idea what the deal is! I really want to bump up the veggie game but so blocked! ❤️

  3. The Paleo diet/ lifestyle is a wonderful thing. This article is great and I agree with every part of it because it tells the story of how we transitioned from hunters & gatherers to farmers.

    By doing that, we gained a lot, but also lost a lot when it came to our primal diet. I strongly believe in the power of Paleo because it can truly help everyone. I remember one year ago when I started my journey where I ate ONLY 100% Paleo diet which was very difficult for me at the beginning because I used to love rice and bread. I was lucky because I have a friend who recommended me a special program which speeded up the process so much.

    It was like "Paleo diet 101"
    and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed which for me meant to become healthier person, to get fit and to increase my stamina. This diet was one of the most difficult challenges I have faced, but it was well worth it. Right now I am super fit and I feel really good about myself. I also shared "my secret" with my friends on how I did it and around 50% of them are doing it right now because of me which makes me even happier.

    Here is the program that helped me transition to Paleo: http://bit.ly/HackThePaleoDiet
    If you need any help or someone to motivate you on this journey just send me an email at: davidproto2000@gmail.com

  4. I loved this so much! ALSO hugely helpful to know that they offer free memberships to veterans – my hubs is a marine vet and we cancelled our membership because it was too costly! I was super bummed to do that because i loved it, so I'll reach back out and see what we can do!

  5. Speaking of pears, been getting into the Asian Pears because they are in season right now (and my mom keeps making me buy them since she is too busy to go herself). They are huge round shaped (almost a sphear), brown, and so popular with the Asians. They a little hardier than most pears and a mild sweetness. In target, they are called Korean Pears.

  6. Kenetrice Nichole March 17, 2019 at 11:26 am - Reply

    I'm just shocked the dog ate the lettuce/greens. I've had 3 dogs in my life and NONE of them would eat lettuce or really any other vegetable (minus white potatoes). Even your dog is a healthy eater. lol

  7. Can you talk about your diet? You said you eat paleo-ish and it was interesting lol. I am currently eating Keto, and love it for weight loss, but I don’t want it to be my forever lifestyle. I don’t think the sugar substitutes are all that healthy. Paleo seems like a good fit for me. I’m considering switching to that once o loose the weight. I’m interested to know how you mix it up

  8. Hi Alyssa I was just wondering what happened to your other what I eat in a day videos? I loved them but now they are gone and I can’t find them😭

  9. Any tips or tricks for someone who doesn’t like sweet potatoes? I can only eat them the unhealthy way-cinnamon butter.

  10. Ooo I wanna try those chicken wings but with some sort of crushed nut b/c I can't eat garlic. I bet it'll have a similar crunch and also be tasty!

  11. I have a question. I have been trying to adjust to Paleo (Health reasons) but I miss being able to have pasta with the family or pot stickers(Old time fave) There is only so much spaghetti style zucchini can do. Any suggestions?

  12. I agree that mornings are the best time to do work! How do you know when the chicken wings are cooked all the way through?

  13. Jannneane Rosales March 17, 2019 at 11:26 am - Reply

    I love this; I love how you do eat all sorts of foods and try new things and how you don't limit what you eat. Thank you for that, it motivated me greatly

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