What I Eat In A Day LOW CARB | easy vegan recipes & TRAINING

What I Eat In A Day and come training with me! Working on some weight loss so less carbs than usual! Hope you guys enjoy! Music – CR Blacks – Potential: …

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48 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day LOW CARB | easy vegan recipes & TRAINING

  1. Thank you so so much to all of you who leave such kind comments, subscribe, like or message me!!!! LOOVEEEEEE you guys man!!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  2. Rachel ama has a mean right hand! 😅.. btw almond milk is not as good as people think try coconut milk from real coconuts

  3. Love this but its not low carb – all fruit and veg are indeed carbs ! And baby , carbs are amazing , u don’t need to lower them . What you’re really doing is switching carbs

  4. I can't believe I've just discovered you! That vegan lasagna looked SO bomb! I'm vegan keto so thanks for the low carb inspiration! xxx

  5. Beautiful as you are I'll become a vegan lover 2 and we just tear up those Vegan whoppers and milkshake with large fries

  6. Great video, I also use quinoa as a porridge, as I can't eat oats, I'm also going to make the lasagne, looks amazing.

  7. 58kg sounds so tiny to me! Yet you look in perfect health and strong which makes me wonder how tall you are? Edit: the food you make looks delicious that I’m gonna be trying the lunch and dinner holy yum, subscribed!

  8. 😂😂😂😂 I almost died when he said the ball process came from prison. Loved the video. I’m transitioning back to plant based but I’m on a very strict diet (low to no carbs) which is what brings me to your channel. Thanks for the great ideas. Please post more like this. Ty

  9. How do we get access to your recipes.
    I am having health challenges which may be helped by a low carbohydrate vegan diet. I am almost 70 so it’s a bit of a challenge to change my diet.

  10. i needed this video. i have been failing so bad at my vegan diet. i jhave turned into a junk foodie. i am making that lasagna ASAP

  11. Holistic-Healing UK December 1, 2019 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    You are well healthy, lol. Where do you get the Kelp noodles from? There's some on Amazon going for the incredibly bargain price of £48….😱

  12. Isn’t quinoa high in carbs? I take it easy on the quinoa due to this reason. I am trying to lose fat/weight so i am on a low carb diet as well.

  13. I'm getting ready to go vegan and needed the tips! Had to smile when you did the lip sync with your water bottle as your mic. You are too cool!

  14. Nguyen Quoc Huong Thao December 1, 2019 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    Do you feel more hungry while having low carb diet? I've been always in vegan high carb diet :)) so I'm kind of concerned as I don't want to be hungry.

  15. What do the noodles taste like. I have tried the shiritaki noodles and didn't like them at all. Are these any better?

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