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29 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day AIP Meal Ideas

  1. I just made the guacamole and plantain chips but I did the plantain chips a little differently. I fried them in the coconut oil like you did but then I took them out onto a paper towel and sprinkled salt, garlic powder, and half lime juice then I baked it at 350 for 5-8 mins. So good! Nice and crispy like chips!

  2. Okay!!! This is probably the best “what I eat in a day – AIP” video ever 😭 the dishes look so good and so flavourful 😍🤤

  3. I have been researching AIP for a couple of weeks now and about to start the protocol. In my papers bananas are not allowed. I looked up plantains and they have as much sugar as bananas. What are your thoughts on this?

  4. i enjoyed watching you putting together all the dishes you made. To bad for me… no husband that's a chef or to prep…please do more…no stress either… yaaay…Blessings!

  5. I've seen these AIP videos in my feed but never knew that it would help my alopecia. On top of that didn't know alopecia had things I ate keep me from remission, WOW. I learned something new this morning… This is worth trying to get my hair back and just have energy again. Just think I've been doing keto all this time and should have been doing this after seeing things like pepper, rice vinegar, etc are bad for me. So are all or certain fruits good for me??? I'll research it and learn this all because it's going to be sooo valuable to know in the long run, thnx again.

  6. These recipes look great! Sadly right now I can’t have onion and I’m testing garlic. But I can try some with out and see how it goes.

  7. These are good recipes but I go not recommend ground beef for Psoriasis nor limes. I am 100% clear now of Psoriasis but I had to modify.

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