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48 thoughts on “what i ate today raw vegan || LESS fruit (+ recipes)

  1. Ahhh i wish i had this much time to make meals/snacks/food. I dont think much/any of this I can get in my country beyond bananas once and a while.

  2. I really dont know what to think about the video. It was a very nice presentation…but …First of all you only eat a califlower stirfrye and a salat the whole day….?! I dont think you will get enough calories or nutriens for the body to work properly. Your organs needs calories and your brain and so many have eating disorders and so many are trying to become thinner and thinner. I respect your effort in trying to eat healthy greens,but be careful to what you promote.

  3. Anjolie SaydWorthe March 24, 2019 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Honey, you wink away and be you. The right people will like you. Never stop shining your light because someone doesn't like it. <3 Wink wink!

  4. I love all your recipes and your “what I eat in a day” videos! And I love all your cute mugs and tableware too. (I saw the coconut bowls on your Amazon shop). Can you do a kitchen tour one of these days ??? Maybe you’ve done one in the past but I haven’t seen it (or found it). Thank you for all your awesome videos! 🌺💚

  5. Might be a random question, but where did you buy your bowl? I find it hard to find big ass bowls for my big ass salads.

  6. oh my gosh I love your channel! I kept smiling:) I have been transitioning to more of a raw diet and you make it so fun! thank you!

  7. Thank you for the ideas. I will try it and let you know what I think. I really want to eat more healthy. I tried a raw food diet many years ago and I got very sick. It was probably my body trying to rid itself of toxins. Did this happen to anyone else? I really want to stick to a raw diet again, however, so I will try out these recipes. I think that it is great to see a young person that is so concerned with eating well. I was wondering if your parents did anything to instill this in you or is it something you tried as an adult.

  8. Americans dont usually know how to dressing salads at all, that salad is so dry :S . Just use a good amount of olive oil (the healthiest and delicious fat in the word) and vinegar (or lemon) and salt, thats a good salad dressing¡¡¡

  9. Hi there…the link for the recipes are completely different 😕…anyway you can share the breakfast bowl & the hot chocolate recipes?

  10. I just found you channel but after watching this video I’m definitely subscribing and definitely trying some of these recipes!

  11. I love when you wink your so cute and I think people who can wink good should take advantage of that cuz a lot of people, me included, cannot!!

  12. soooo true! If you really wanna be healthy and if you once got to that stage you will always eat all that stuff again even though it does not taste sweet or perfect delicious, the feeling after it is always worth it! I am sugar (also fruit sugar), gluten and animal product free for months now and I never felt better! And no, after a few weeks you won't miss the sugar 🙂 It is so worth it for the life quality I got. ​

  13. Thanks for the video. It says that all of the recipes from the video would be in the description but that link doesn't go to them. Is there another page of the blog that has the recipes on it? That salad dressing sounded really good and I wanted to get the measurements/ratios for the ingredients. Thanks!

  14. This is going to sound like a weird comment. But every time you take a bite you bash your teeth of the spoon or folk. Just saying it's gonna wear away your front teeth

  15. Thanks for showing your low fruit, and non-80-10-10 raw diet! I personally find that I do way better centred on dark leafy greens, microgreens and herbs, so it's nice affirmation and encourages me to stick with what I know my body appreciates the most!

  16. Loved the video and I'm trying to be more plant based so I'll probably try that carrot cake thing. Omg but why do you bite your spoon ahhhhhh.

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