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33 thoughts on “What I Ate For Breakfast This Week | Monday To Friday Easy Breakfast Recipes | Easy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Yar itna kam portion size se kaise kam chal jata hai i also want to lose weight but i can't control my portion size😨😨

  2. I would love it if you did something for us lazy cook! Food related or not, I just love your content. It's refreshing and rather calming. Thank you for your work. I really appreciate it! I hope Paritosh (apologies if I've spelt it incorrectly)the family and yourself been doing well. Load of love ❤️❤️

  3. It's a very nostalgic video…taking memories back to your old videos shot at your first home…..n that maybe coz of the old format of weekly videos and those cute bangles too. Keep uploading such videos and don't ask if people need it. They actually need it all the time 😉

  4. Your what I ate videos are really outstanding can't get off my eyes finishing your videos really made it more effective and its really touch all the goodness of the food and most important information you provide us is really appreciated

  5. Hey I have been following u for long … I think u need to diversify ur content …..apart from ur tiffin prep ,breakfast ,lunch and dinner….u can try these as ur content …famous cafe visit ,street food …handicraft ..handlooms….make-up ….u have a soothing voice ..u can be a good speaker for mental health,,,female health …..rather than marketing for oziva u can tell the calories count of food ……

  6. Love all your recepies 🤩 please let me know from which bakery you got the bread, i stay in banglore too..will give this a try 😊

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