Weight loss journey | lost 6lbs in 3 days

I decided to try the military diet again! So I did this diet about 2 years ago and it really helped me lose weight, so here’s how it went. I lost 6lbs in 3 days and kept …

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20 thoughts on “Weight loss journey | lost 6lbs in 3 days

  1. I found you yesterday and I have been binge watching your videos. Lmao at the person who said "don't be filming that hood ass pan" loved your response. That made it funnier.

  2. Congrats ! Im doing the"" Yes You Can diet " by alejandro chaban, its kinda expensive but for me its been working really good, and like I had said in my other comment Im not starving myself, I eat 5 times a day, 3 are meals and 2 are the protein shakes, and I have only.been drinking water,you can drink stuff without sugar or flavored water but I just choose to drink water ,It just shows you what you can eat and what cannot eat

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  4. What does the baking soda/grapefruit help out with?
    & GIRLLL you should try PB2, powdered peanut butter has less fat and less calorires👌🏻😉

  5. Yes giirl keep going i've started my weightloss journey at 224 i was sooo depressed and now iam down to 191lbs! !!!! 33lbs down in 1 and 1/2 month can't believe it and iam still going wishing you the best

  6. Damn. Ur kinda inspiring me to try the military diet lowkey. It's only 3 days. I might legit do it. Would I be able to replace the eggs with something from day one? I'm allergic

  7. Omg you're so pretty! My dad does this diet sometimes never lost 10 pounds but around 7-8 still good tho keep killing it !

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