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26 thoughts on “Vlog | Lose Weight in 3 Days w/ The Military Diet Before & After

  1. Thanks for the video..i am allergic to dairy and eggs..what can i use to substitute the cheese icecream yogurt and egg?

  2. I want to ask you, about the water with Apple cider vinegar how much do you put on a glass of water? And lemon too?

  3. Girl when you said you can eat spaghetti. All day, I felt that. Your video was by far the best out of all the 500 videos I watched

  4. is this safe for a 14 year old? I do basketball cheer and football and the only exercise i do is Zumba, I want to do this so I can lose weight and then excessive to get muscle…. is it safe for me?

  5. Hey KiKi! Did you workout while you did this? and did you get light headed at all? i want to start this after the weekend.

  6. I've just started the diet! Aggghhhh help me! This video really inspired and helped me out! Thank you! (Definitely subscribing) ! 😀

  7. love that you have the candles little on day 1 dinner. awesomeness. Thanks for sharing great video 👏👏👏

  8. Merely Google “lyly amazing guide” and you’ll find the best weight loss plan there is or ever has been. This helped me to drop 14 lbs — and I’m still burning off weight. Fantastic diet plan. I hope you will love it and accomplish wonderful results soon.

  9. im on the first day and i got so hungry 😔 but i still got through it and im not eating anymore for the rest of the day.😉🖒

  10. The military diet "outline" video just happened to be in my recommended list, I clicked on it and wrote down every word, including alternatives BUT the very next video on my auto play is your video right here and you so motivated me I'm actually stoked about doing this now!! My daughter God bless her gained her freshman 15 so her and I are doing this together….I just sent her your video and she commented back to me how you motivated her as well!! She and I do the same thing and love spaghetti (well pasta in general) and eating bowls of white rice with butter, salt and pepper all the time too – butter rice is our all time favorite food….we gobble it down lol 🙂 (side note be both hate cottage cheese too, the funky taste and texture is nearly a phobia for me…so we are going to replace it with Greek yogurt like you did) BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing the day to day ….fingers crossed we get the same great results you did!! Congratulations :)) I can't wait to go to the market and get everything tomorrow!!

  11. Your cat is sooo cute!! I'm on day 1 right now, I hope it goes well for me like it did for you! Congrats to you. Wish me luck!

  12. Girl you look so beautiful! I really want to start this diet just like you and lose my weight. So happy for you.😘👌

  13. I love you and so glad i found you.. Your video was so great and you explained it so well. Your tummy went down so much and i love the little speech you said at the end.. THANK YOU

  14. I tried this military diet and failed on day 1. I ate the breakfast. But as soon as my lunch break at work came. I left and went straight to Chick-fil-A 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😅 I felt so ashamed 😔, but it was so good!! I'm going to try again during the weekend tho (When I'm off work!) I feel like I'll have more will power to do it. 🤞🏼🙏🏽💪🏽

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