Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Meal Planning – Mind Over Munch

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38 thoughts on “Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Meal Planning – Mind Over Munch

  1. Hey Alyssia! I've noticed that you've been using avocado oil a lot recently instead of olive oil 😮 Is there a reason why?

  2. Alyssia! We miss the debunking videos! I would love for you to do one on all these different types of bottled water (flavored,caffeinated,smart,vitamin water,etc.) Loved these recipes btw! Cookies look amazing!

  3. Can you perhaps show us how to make pumpkin spice and an alternative for canned pumpkin yourself? I live in The Netherlands, and unfortunately neither canned pumpkin nor pumpkin spice are available here, but I loved both when I was in the US!

  4. Hey! I commented previously asking about fibre syrup, I have a few more though haha; how does it taste (compared to actual sugar)? Can you just sub it 1-1?

  5. I have all the ingredients for the pumpkin breakfast cookies those seem to be very good would love to try them thank you for this video until next time

  6. You remember how you did principles of a smoothie video? Can you do a principles of a salad video or something like that? I like your specific salad recipes but you do yours differently; is there a method to what goes into them?

  7. Love them all… But have to admit I extra love the cookies for breakfast part! Thank you for yet another great video 👍👍

  8. Stephanie Estelle January 26, 2018 at 2:13 am - Reply

    These are awesome! Can’t wait to try. Could you talk about hitting a plateau in weight loss? Ways to overcome it? Thanks you’re great i love you bye

  9. I really enjoy your endless ideas. I need variety and you deliver! I have a banana allergy but want to make smoothies and other healthy foods. What is a good flavor/binder replacement for some of the common noncooking recipes with bananas? Thank you.

  10. I’m a vegetarian who strives to eat/live healthy. I look for those green moments in each day!!! Thanks for posting such an incredible video! I always love your content!

  11. Yummm! What type of sweetener do you usually use for the breakfast cookies? I imagine if it's an artificial sweetener, I'd use less than 1/2c… right?

  12. Could you do more salads in the future? I always run into a wall with them :/
    But these look amazing as always!! I’ll have to try and work that low-carb ebook into my budget

  13. I have to say, it’s nice to not have the wacky intros. While I can appreciate how much work goes into them, I usually just want to get straight to the recipes. Keep up the great work!

  14. Can you do recipes for those that have really bad reflux and can't have anything acidic, with spice or pepper? I want some ideas for a friend of mine.. thank you

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