VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS » healthy + easy (bento box)

Wholesome lunch ideas need not be complicated. Check out the links below for more information on some of the recipes shared. Enjoy! » Bento box: …

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31 thoughts on “VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS » healthy + easy (bento box)

  1. the prep seems easy but if youre in school youre most likley to be broke and alsot of these ingredients are fairly expensive.

  2. I'm not vegan nor vegetarian, but I decided to do a little challenge for myself. At college I'll try to do one week a month vegan. I can't do much more because of health issues, but I think it's a great start to cut down my inpact on the environment ^^

  3. Boi If you Dont Shut da f up September 16, 2019 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    My inner weeaboo is dying because she’s referring to the lunch box, with no actual Japanese things in it, as a bento.

  4. I'm not vegan, but I rarely eat meat (and absolutely no dairy ever) because I don't really like the taste. These recipes are my cup of tea. So excited to try them out next week!

  5. Try red kidney beans with thick gravy served with rice. It is one of the most famous and delicious of dishes cooked in all Northern Indian households. You can check the recipe on the internet. I think it would be economical.
    Thanks for treating animals with compassion and love.

  6. Im constantly impressed and stunned by every single video i watch on this channel. Im currently changing my life style and im 70-80% vegan for many reasons but sadly it's very hard finding vegan substitutes any where near me or suitable for my budget but im genuinely so happy i found you and your chanel that is definitely helping me stay on track and feed myself with very natural and cost friendly ingredients that are actually available! im very grateful, thank you.

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