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38 thoughts on “VEGAN MEALS ON A BUDGET (UNDER $3)

  1. +Liv's Healthy Life: Hi, Liv. I was going to try the pub-style burger, but I don't know what "SOME" means when it comes to the volume of parsley, oregano, and garlic powder to add. Those are all strong flavors.

    Me man. Me no smart. Please you hold my hand. Me need specific info. Put man in kitchen no instruction, bad thing happen. Me want eat clean healthy, but me no want make inedible meal to feed to trash can. Trash can eat too much, anyway. He fat.

    Thanks, Liv. A more specific ingredients list, with precise quantities, would be a big help on future vids. See ya.

  2. I'm not vegan, and I love meat that's already prepared for me, but cooking it myself was making me feel a bit queasy. This is a perfect alternative recipe for the foods I love. Will try it out!

  3. please do more of these budget friendly recipes… here in my county everything is triple the price of what you'd pay in the U.S and if it's organic or vegan it's extremely expensive. making this Vegan burger cost me $30

  4. I made the veggie patties, but I didn't have a food processor so I mixed everything by hand. It came out more textured than expected bc I didn't finely chop the green onion & bell pepper. I also think I should have blended the oats to a powder.
    The end result tastes great! It tastes like a previous veggie burger I've eaten before

  5. I have seen a ton of vegan recipes and my god….these are the best looking ones. You can feel free to make videos like this everyday!! Thank you for making this!!!

  6. Credit repairmakeoverUS December 26, 2016 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    Wow! When I saw the still photo on the video and the title I was intrigued but didn't expect much. After watching the video I am totally impressed and subscribed. Liv, your ideas are awesome. I've been looking for a way to go vegan and not break the bank and you have shown me the way:). Thank-you so much for your video and thumbs wayyyy up! Please keep making videos!

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