VEGAN MEAL PREP FOR WEIGHT LOSS | Protein-packed recipes

60 EASY VEGAN RECIPES E-BOOK ▻▻ In this video, I’m showing you another vegan meal prep! These meals are high in protein and great for weight loss…

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21 thoughts on “VEGAN MEAL PREP FOR WEIGHT LOSS | Protein-packed recipes

  1. Yay! I seriously get so hyped whenever you put out a meal prep video because I feel like it's actually stuff I can do! You make it super simple and accessible. I really need to start making more meals from home like this. Much love <3

  2. you lost me at brown rice lol i wanna be vegan but i cant go that far…I THOUGHT IT WAS FALAFEL IN THE THUMBNAIL! as you read falafel in your head add an accent to it 🙂 *fala-fell

  3. Just bought the ebook! So excited!! Thank you for sharing your talents by showing us that lazy food can still be good food!

  4. In seven days, I was able to reduce more than 9 pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan” for more information. Due to Google, I could find this great plan

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