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32 thoughts on “VEGAN MEAL PREP | Easy & Healthy

  1. You only need to put the rice "paper" sheet in for a second, just to get it all wet with water
    Then take it out still stiff, just wet the whole thing and take it out
    You don't need oil, it's ok to lay it on stiff you won't have much trouble
    Then as you put your fillings in, the rice paper will have absorbed the excess water and be perfect to roll
    Your paper was way to saturated it's easy to rip and sticky and gooey(that's why you have sticking trouble)
    Also! If you put the spring rolls in the fridge the rice paper will dry up and harden and it's not very tasty, you can make them they day before and leave them out overnight for like lunch or something the next day…I wouldn't leave them out two nights in a row though, and that's only if it's all vegetables like yours are ??

  2. What Vegan Sugars/Brown Sugars have you found? Most white/brown Sugars Are processed through Natural charcoal which is actually Burnt Cattle bones….. It's tough to find Good supplies in My area, so I'm looking for good options!

  3. ? i'm not vegan but i watch these videos all day and every time i see someone making spring rolls my mouth waters and going to try this great video everything looks delicious

  4. So this is for 2 days could I possibly make another prep for another 2 days and mix it up a little bit? I don't know if I will get bored eating the same meals this is what I'm worried about

  5. Just made the spring rolls today. Loved them! I've tried other spring rolls before and was not a fan. These ones were great! I used almond butter instead of peanut, and it still turned out delicious! Thank you for the video :-). Going to try the breakfast next, with homemade almond milk. And I bought a kabocha squash too. Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for your sharing, i like the spring roll recipe, but i am wondering if the souce was too heavy for losing weight? any replacement?

  7. That rice! Yummy ? Just curious Stefani, would this be the only food/calories you would consume for the day typically or do you eat more fruit between meals? Fyi first video I've watched of yours….it was good ???

  8. i mash the banana into my oats and then not only is it extra delicious but it is also naturally sweet so I don't have to add sweetener!

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