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32 thoughts on “Vegan Lunch Ideas for School & Work ♡ Easy & Healthy ♡ Vegan Recipes

  1. do u really like the recipes bc ur facial expression and monotone voice makes me feel like u wanna die a lil bit

  2. Do you eat the vegan burrito bowl straight out of the fridge or do you warm it up? wanting to use this for a weekly meal prep but work doesn't have a microwave

  3. Love all your videos! Found your channel today and youve earned a new subscriber ;). Only thing is the intros, they always have this extreme echo thats hard to listen to :(

  4. this looks so amazing omg. how would i be able to keep my food fresh if it were a number of hours before i could eat it (e.g. during break at uni which is several hours after leaving home)?

  5. i made the super bowl today. It was delicious! thanks for the great ideas. i added jalapeno to the salsa, and included a bit more tomato paste in the "nut meat" mmmmm..

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