Upma – Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes – BeerBiceps Breakfast

I keep talking about how Upma is a super food if you’re looking to lose weight or put on muscle. Its a high protein INDIAN VEGAN dish. This upma recipe is a …

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24 thoughts on “Upma – Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes – BeerBiceps Breakfast

  1. I am confused please help me understand. I am trying to limit my carb intake to 135 gms a day with Fat at 30gm and Protein at 140 gms. If I make this dish with 100 gms of Sooji (Carb alone is 122gm) not to mention 4 gm of Fat. If with that we are adding Ghee then is it worth consuming this if it gives only 20 gms of protein? Any advice would help.

  2. Absolutely love your recipes. I enjoy cooking a lot more ever since I started watching your videos. Keep up the great work!

    P.S.- Please suggest ways of making Oats interesting. :S

  3. Hey buddy , i have question to ask is that im following your keto diet so can i eat this upma also or not beacuse you said it have a carb also

  4. bro i checked two times that after one and a half month i suffered from fever and sore throat (childhood problem) what should be the problem

  5. hey im a colg student so how should i take care of my diet.so can you post a video for indian college going bodybuilders.

    Eagerly waiting for

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