Ultimate Paleo Diet Recipe Guide – Plan, Cook & Lose Weight!

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Paleo Diet Recipe Guide – Plan, Cook & Lose Weight!

  1. another bullshit diet to manipulate people …. just eat what you want as long as you cook yourself without using any processed food and sugar. People got so dumb that they fall for this hype diet scams 🙁

  2. Paleo is a joke. Whole food plant based is the best for humans on planet earth. For the vegans out there get your b12 from supplement form and get iodine from seaweed and selenium from brazil nuts. Very critcals trace minerals. Deficiencies are not to mess around with

  3. Rosemary Alexander January 27, 2018 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    I do a lot of home cooking. This sounds like a great diet. I am thinking it could be used with intermittent fasting. There is a lot of options.

  4. I am not a Paleo Perfectionist but I'm around 80% Paleo.

    One thing I do is eat organic white Basmati rice once a week. I soak it for a day or two to get most of the natural toxins out.

    I also eat one slice of goat milk cheese.

    Whole Foods in Florida has bacon and sausage that is rated Step 5+ from a farm in Georgia. This means the hogs are not factory farmed. I've been eating it for years. If you're into Paleo, you will like their Step 5+ bacon and sausage.

    Great video.

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