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21 thoughts on “Twelve infused water recipes

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  3. Is it necessary to take new all ingredients for next day drink Or it will again use by just pouring water in that same mixture?

  4. Did anyone else think that the background sound sounded like it was trying to stay My Little Pony

  5. 1)Cucumber & lemon
    2)Blueberry & orange
    3)Rosemary & grapefruit
    4)Lemon & lime
    5)Mango & ginger
    6)Strawberry & lemon & basil leaves
    7)Grapes & basil leaves
    8)Watermelon & mint

  6. I don't like cold water, so is it a necessary mixing with ice and refrige over night……. please lil help here😑

  7. Can i ask something, is it necessary to put ice if your going to put in the refrigerator overnight ?

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