Top 5 Christmas Dinner Recipes!

Here’s my top Christmas Dinner recipes, hope you get cooking this festive season 🙂 Cola Christmas Ham: Brussel Sprouts with Bacon &…

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40 thoughts on “Top 5 Christmas Dinner Recipes!

  1. Hi Donal I was searching YouTube for a cola gammon recipe and your clip is the best! I went on to watch your many other recipes, all very good, excellent demonstration and highly entertaining due to your genuine enthusiasm and lovely personality. Thank you so much.

  2. New subscriber and Donal you know Elise Strachan
    I love her she's one of my favorite YouTubers
    You're great so far (thumbs up)

  3. ~ I wish I lived in England…it's more fun there. Americans are so boring at Christmas. It's all about new cars and having money over here. Notice how 99% of tv commercials are focused on the wealthy. There is no more middle class.

  4. I am a vegetarian but your food is awesome…..whenever I'm eating my lunch I watch your videos to make my boring food yummy…..luv ur foods and the way you eat your dish at the end…

  5. Yummmm……..i just had dinner and fuck!!!!i am hungry again….😂😁😂😊and this is the pre-christmas dinner…..they will have ton8!!

  6. Nothing like our plain Jane American turkey and sides, I think I will try these on an off holiday like Easter and see how my family takes it. It all looks more interesting and lovely than what we traditionally have had since back in the day when Grandma cooked it. You make good videos and your enthusiasm is catching. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to your family.

  7. Dawwwwwww Donal you're so adorable! I hope someday I marry a wonderful man like you! ALSO MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is going to be wittle Noah's first Christmas! *squee! <3

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