Top 5 Best Healthy Eating Recipes

Here’s a collection of healthy recipes to help get 2018 off to a great start! Chickpea Burgers: Beetroot Burgers: http://www.donalske…

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27 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Healthy Eating Recipes

  1. Baby Noah!! Tbh, I was a bit confused thinking I missed a video but then I saw the other comments haha. So nice to see his little head <3 Congratulations!

  2. Happy New Year and congratulations on your new baby! I've been busy making recipes from your cookbook "Fresh" which I received for Christmas. Everything I've tried so far has been very good. Thanks.

  3. I need healthy HOT breakfast ideas that do NOT include eggs or oats! I can't eat either and It's negative 3 degrees where I live so cold breakfasts are just unappealing.

  4. Hi Donal, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
    By the way, can I use extra virgin olive oil instead of coconut oil in the granola recipe? thanks

  5. I want to sleep in that awesome new kitchen lol I am impressed to see healthy food on your channel! Iโ€™d like to see more of that on 2018! Thank you for inspiring me.

  6. Happy New Year Donal, Sophie and Noah – Can't wait to see Noah – who does he look like or is it too soon to tell – God Bless

  7. Hey Donal! Your beetroot burgers are just amazing! They are the best burgers I have ever eaten and I love making them! I basically introduced them to pretty much everyone I know and they all love them- meatlovers, vegetarians- everybody! Thank you so much for inspiring me to cook thoughtfully and for sharing your passion! <3

  8. I would like to see more tofu, frozen fish, and more pulses and rice dishes. I would also like to see more chicken recipes as well in 2018. You are a very talented chef Donal. Thanks for all the tips!

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