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  1. So much variety in indian food .i even don't know much. And I am Indian. Every time new recipes from same ingredients, with tricks and technics. Superb. And tasty too. And well cooked. Healthy. Its heaven .forget ur worries .enjoy and have good time.

  2. Omg these people r like machines ,v talented. Cant believe extra Excellent love to watch it. Looks they r enjoying it .like we r enjoying watching them .it watching them. Amazing. They really work hard I don't think Americans could do like them.

  3. For more recipes watch our channel. and if you want more recipes then let us know we will bring more delicious foods recipes :)

  4. The food always looks good in these videos but dear lord its always SO UNSANITARY.. look at that scene its filthy.. it makes me nauseas. where is the hand washing area? UGH :P

  5. it's better cooking food in home eat healthy and hygiene this type of food leads to heart attack cancer obesity problem

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