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  1. just started making your protein pancakes, cinnamon buns, and going to try the quick made brownies, along with boneless wings……currently in show prep and with 10 hour work days doing phyical labor any way i can stick to as close to my program and adding minor cheats has been huge for


  2. Just noticed that the tuna patty in this video is titled as "10 min tuna patty" but in the actual recipe video it's "5 min tuna patty". My life just got easier ;D

  3. Would you mind talking about gluten and lactose? There has been a lot of articles condemning these 2 ingredients. What's your opinion on that? Tks

  4. Sriracha and honey. Definitely gonna try that one. My favourites that I've done are the protein bars and the wings. So good. Going to make that cheesecake soon too. 

  5. Hello Michael, my favorite recipe by far is the four ingredient protein bar recipe, however, being a delicate woman (5'10" 180lb former Marine) I have added my own little touch to the bars by dipping them in chocolate. I know its added calories but I am willing to take the hit for it and it keeps me from becoming too violent with others. LOL. Have a great one, keep up the good work with the videos. GOD BLESS.

  6. The overnight protein oats is one of my favourites. I have that at least 4 times a week. Wasn't an oats fan until I found it in your cookbook. Keep up the great work. 

  7. snatches mic Ayo Mike ima let you finish..but Chris Jones got he best recipes of all time does Chris Jones taste test and drops mic lmao

  8. From your recipe book, might have a video on these not sure, but the tune pita pockets are amazing eat them like every Saturday when i have a bit more time for breakfast! 

  9. Fave has to 1000% be the tuna patty, so easy and quick whilst still amazing! Would recommend to anyone who wants to change up their diet and still get in those macroes! Thanks Michael?

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