The “PALEO” Diet Is TERRIBLE For CrossFit (AVOID!!) | Nutrition Facts w/ Jason Phillips

The “PALEO” Diet Is A TERRIBLE Diet For CrossFit Workouts. Nutrition Facts and Advice with Jason Phillips and Mind Pump Sal. The paleo diet explained and why increasing and adding carbohydrates…

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30 thoughts on “The “PALEO” Diet Is TERRIBLE For CrossFit (AVOID!!) | Nutrition Facts w/ Jason Phillips

  1. This is all bull all top cross fit athletes are on a paleo diet studies don't back up anything everyone is different.

  2. Oh my….. No, it is not only carbs that stimulate insulin response. Protein stimulates insulin secretion too. Two hormones, insulin & human growth hormone, shepherd amino acids in to our cells similarly to insulin with glucose. Research has shown protein triggers insulin response to same level carbs can. How do you not know this?
    Don't eat processed foods and get enough varied vitamins and minerals to actually metabolise your macros. We all know to get fresh produce on our plates for the enzymes too.
    Re crossfit injuries…..learn and learn and learn again the correct movement and you'll rock without visits to A&E! 🏋‍♀️

  3. This Paleo diet was amazing, it seemed to have a lot of healthy ingredients. In fact there is this New York times best selling cookbook that is solely based on a good Paleo diet. Which will keep you lean and burn fat a lot more faster.
    Take a look:

  4. I can't even listen to the food gurus anymore since learning about quantum biology and biophysics. Dr. Jack Kruse has said many times, stay away from the food gurus! They share half truths!

  5. The fuck is this guy talking about? I don’t follow paleo but to say you can’t get sufficient carbs from sweet potatoes is complete blasphemy.

  6. You should do paleo + carb loading before intense workouts. You don't need as much carbs as you think expcept before intense workouts

  7. Great conversation!!!!!! I totally agree 100%. The problem most people have with Nutrition is using a one size fits all approach. Nutrition needs to be treated like a training. Different programs for different results. If you're healthy (no metabolic derangement Diabetes/Prediabetes) and active, you can definitely handle carbs, and should have carbs. If you don't get much exercise, or are prediabetic/diabetic, and are fat, try keto or Paleo.

  8. The doc refers to hunger being a sign of proper metabolism. I'd suggest that this is not completely true. Ghrelin, known as the main hunger hormone, is responsible for making you hungry so that you know it's time to eat, while leptin helps to control your appetite. During ketosis, and while in a fasted state, ghrelin levels in your body stabilize so you can more accurately respond to your hunger and fullness signals, giving you steadier energy and preventing cravings for sugar in an attempt to lift your mood. The brain can be somewhat hijacked by unnecessary hunger signals when the diet is comprised of larger amounts of simple carbohydrates. As blood sugar drops after consuming carbs, the brain signals hunger through these hormones…and many times we feel unnecessarily hungry.

  9. I survive on less than 5% carbs with Keto. It's a cleaner energy source. The difference between ketone and glycogen is jet fuel and Regular Gas.

  10. The fact that a training modality is incompatible with our ancestral diet just illustrates that the training modality is wrong, not that there's a problem with the diet. A true Paleo diet, in conjunction with intelligent, lower intensity strength training is the definitive recipe for health and wellness.

  11. Man, so many things wrong with this. I do keto, my body and brain runs off ketones which is a way better, more stable fuel source than cheap temporary carbohydrates. There is no one size fits all diet, but to say "there is no way to eat enough meat and veggies to fuel your workout" that's bullshhh. I do powerlifting and mma training/conditioning. I have lost body Fat and built muscle, and have never been stronger and healthier compared to eating starches

  12. I've seen case studies starting to come out with "keto bodybuilders" talking about how the longer you're body stays in ketosis, the better it adapts. And they can lift more and heavier with fat instead of carbs. I've been eating ketogenic almost a year and I have great energy lifting – no need for fueling before or after.

  13. Crossfit is misuse and abuse of the human body. Ask any ER doc or nurse how many of these people are ending up in the hospital.

  14. But you actually ARE getting an insuline spike from eating protein, so if that is what is needed to lower your cortisol, then your cortisol levels are gonna go down anyway. Is not like your cortisol levels are gonna be high forever. It might be suboptimal, but if you eat a decent ammount of food after you workout, no matter if it's carbs, proteins or fats, your cortisol levels are going to go down for shure. Your body is not that stupid, it's gonna figure out a way, even if is not the best way.

  15. Crossfiters and Paleolithic diet practitioners are just fools with initiative. And these idiots sponsored by a sports brand are promoting and creating more idiots around the world.

  16. So you're basically saying that eating sweet potatoes, fruits, and veggies, which are all carbs, aren't enough to fuel your exercise?? This makes no sense.

  17. irregularexpression January 28, 2018 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    So much conflicting information on social media — proponents of Ketogenic diet keep demonizing insulin saying it encourages fat storage and causes inflammation, and now we have another saying that low carb can fuck up your hormones and cause prolonged elevation in cortisol. What is your opinion on targeted ketogenic diet where carbs are timed strategically to replenish depleted glycogen to fuel glycolytic exercises?

  18. the guy said you cant eat enough sweet potato to fuel crossfit, then says they're not eating enough starchy carbohydrates?

    I'm confused. Sweet potato IS starchy carbohydrate. Someone could eat plenty of starch to fuel anaerobic work.
    Whats the problem?

  19. Can you do a collab with Jeff nippard or athlean-x? I think it would be an excellent podcast as both of them have excellent knowledge when it comes to fitness and dieting. Regardless, great video, keep it up!!!

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