The military diet, lose 10 pounds in three days

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23 thoughts on “The military diet, lose 10 pounds in three days

  1. I dunno. I spent 12 years in the military in 3 branches & never heard of such a thing. Perhaps you have never been onboard a ship for 6 months & you eat what you get.

    I can see from the small amount of calories & fat you consume (I do not understand the ice cream. A. It's not available on tours of duty. B. There is an unnecessary amount of fat, calories, & sugar in ice cream) would make you lose weight. So why would this be called the "Military Diet?"
    You could call this hundreds of things. But it's click-bait utilizing "Military." Simply, there just aren't enough calories to perform your duties & work out without feeling starved or light-headed.

    No doubt you may lose a few pounds those 3 days…that's obvious. But it simply isn't enough to sustain for longer periods of time (as you mention.) If you want to lose weight & keep it off, this eating regimen is great, but you'd have to add more protein, "good" fats, and take out that ice cream. If you are truly craving something, get frozen yogurt.

    There are so many things that are wrong with this diet. People should NOT diet…we just need to be smarter with our choices. I'm just not a fan of this, whatsoever. Minimal calories for 3 days, then eat like normal for 4? That simply makes zero sense. Those 10 lbs are mostly water weight anyway & those 10 lbs you lost will turn into you gaining 15. Your metabolism will run amok.

    I certainly would never recommend this program.

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