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20 thoughts on “The “Military” Diet | Full Day Of Eating

  1. Exavier the Psycho August 23, 2017 at 9:22 am - Reply

    I have no idea how my cousin survives, he's also in the Marines but however he only eats around 7-8ish pm.But I notice he's always hydrating,why kind of diet is he on?

  2. hey Nava do you have any suggestions for diets/diet books for military prep? I'm going to join and I want to get healthier. thanks!

  3. Yooo what's up guys if you want to follow a 03 infantry Marines follow @IAMPAPADUKES this guy is real as fuck and a bad ass guy. 03 life!

  4. OMFG what a pog, thinks he knows what he's eating. I don't even need the finish the video to know that you sir have not a clue of fitness nor do you know the nutrition that follows stop poisoning these individuals minds of your poor excuse for a fitness lifestyle.

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