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35 thoughts on “THE MILITARY DIET: does it really work? find out how much weight i lost!

  1. It only works because of the caloric deficit. However, if you can eat less during the day without giving in to those chicken tenders, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

  2. For the tuna,how to do make it, do you make it like normal tuna and put your mayonnaise and stuff or do you just have to take it out of the can a crush it up and eat it?

  3. I did try this diet and I lost 5.5 lbs in 3 days. Within a week I lost 7.5 lbs with eating less than 1000 calories  a day. I am really happy that I found this diet ::)

  4. The purpose of this diet is not to lose weight… it's to restart your metabolism so your body will start running properly again.. Fatty's in the military go on this diet to boost their metabolism.

  5. While the name "Military Diet" may seem a bit misleading at first, their is a grain of truth to It. While the Military does not endorse this or any other radical diet, their physicals include certain weight requirements, and It is not uncommon for some people to go on extremely strict diets beforehand to meet those requirements. They are quick fixes that were never really meant for more than that. While It is theoretically possible to maintain the weight loss with proper diet and exercise, this sort of fix is usually better suited for dropping a few pounds on short notice, such as if you are asked to be maid of honor… two weeks before the wedding?.

  6. I did some sort of diet like this for 3 days, no exactly like that and surprisingly I lost weight. Some people can't handle the hunger cuz they feel sooo weak like I did especially when you work. I was chewing gums here n there during the day, drinking a lot, a lot of water and snacking only gratefruit to control my weakness of being hungry. Once I was done I went back to CLEAN EATING. I was on my perfect weight, it only took me 1 month, but it all depens how long you need. Sacrifice and stick to it until you get the results you want. its hard, but it feels good.

  7. The ppl talk too much and are noobs ffs….if you don't try never get result. So stop being a retard to comment bullshit and make a normal comment all of you. P.S don't fucking judge me coz i win ??

  8. Lol this diet actually looks appetizing to me idk. I not naturally hungry so I don't eat much, but when I do it it's junk food since that's what I have around. I might do this just to try it.

  9. You're a fucking annoying broad! How does this diet feel while on it and how does it come out? Most if not all diets are bullshit and only make people lose water or shift their pants.

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