The MILITARY DIET Barracks Meal Prep For The Week

Cheap, easy and simple food made in the Military Barracks! Subscribe to My Channel Here: …

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32 thoughts on “The MILITARY DIET Barracks Meal Prep For The Week

  1. Goodmorning beasts! Hope everyone is having a great day! 2AM over here in Japan heading off to Range! Hope you enjoyed the video! Give me some feedback so I can incorporate in the next videos! Have a great SUNDAY everyone! Love y'all. Stay hungry. Stay humble!

  2. Heya Nava, love your meal plan tips! I'm currently in MOS training and the vending machine snack breaks are a terrible influence on my money and my health!
    Quick Question: I'm looking into buying a small desktop or a gaming laptop and I'm wondering if you've ever had problems with people taking your computer stuff? How do you secure your electronics/gadgets in the barracks? Thanks for your vids!

  3. The Air Force is a corporation.
    The Marines are a cult.
    The Army and the Navy are normal,traditional military service's.
    That sums up the U.S. Military.

  4. Can anyone help me, I just ran a 18 minute 3 mile and I was wondering if that's a good, decent or bad run time?

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