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20 thoughts on “The Military Diet – 30 Days

  1. The military diet works. No doubt about it. Skeptics will say its all water weight , when in fact it isn't. Its not difficult to understand. Less calorie intake X 3 days = weight loss. There's no secret behind weight loss. Sticking to this diet (any diet) is difficult. At one point I was lifting weights 5 days a week with some cardio but eating anything I saw / wanted. My muscle strength went up extremely quick but I looked like shit. Its b/c my intake of calories out weighed the calories I was burning and once again I was eating anything in sight . I was getting stronger but I was becoming a blimp even with the working out. Count your calories day by day. The 1st week will be the hardest but stick with it! 3500 calories = 1 lb. If you intake more than you are suppose to on some days….you will have to burn those calories off some how to keep on track. Best thing I suggest for everybody out there is to DL the calorie app. It gets pretty addicting adding up your calories day by day and helps to keep you on track. Best of luck to everybody on their weight loss goals. We all look at celebrities and wonder how they do it and the fact of the matter is if 90% of us were getting paid to workout and eat foods that are prepared for us day by day…I doubt we would have a problem 😉

  2. I wanna try it out but then kinda skeptical because I know you can gain it right back and I'm not looking for something temporary

  3. Prepper Princess March 28, 2017 at 6:18 am - Reply

    Colon cleanse is a great thing to help you poop. Keeps me regular. Without taking it, I only poop once every 5-7 days. Could have probably lost another 4 lbs. just from that. Will be trying the military diet for a full month pretty soon, but working out too. Thanks for your honesty.

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