The Military Diet: 3 Day Challenge – Before and After Results

We challenged 3 people to try the 3 day military diet. Here are their before and after results. PrettyGoodVideos – Good stuff to know.

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43 thoughts on “The Military Diet: 3 Day Challenge – Before and After Results

  1. Oh my gosh like the skinniest girls want to say I'm fat you don't know what fat is seriously I hate clicking on videos and it's a skinny girl on there saying I'm fat huh whatever

  2. I decided to research the diet “vivi awesome plan” on google and immediately I followed the guide rules. I tried a lot of methods before but did not get successes. Out of this diet the results I get were mind-boggling. My friend tried this plan and she got amazing result in just couple of days. Everybody was ecstatic and shocked when I told them in just a week time I had lost near 20 pounds.

  3. My question is what happens if you skip a meal. I ended up skipping dinner of it because I got too tired and had to go to bed and I had to skip today's lunch because my classes run on lunch time and today I replaced the ice cream with a cup of cottage cheese and I typically drink my coffee black anyways but I'm a caffiene fiend. Otherwise I've been sticking faithfully to the diet even weighing out the food. I'm on day two and while I've not weighed myself, I can already feel the bottom of my ribs again. No alcohol, no sugar and other than the toast, there's been no bread.

  4. Weight Loss Green Store Tea product is the perfect detox and weight loss tea. It is safe, natural and 100% herbal. It helps burn fat, curb cravings, eliminate excess water, boost metabolism and detox your body from toxins. It tastes great too!

  5. A mate of mine used this impressive diet plan, "fizy unique plan" (Google it). The result was amazing; she lost 12 pounds. I actually googled it immediately along with I`m also using this amazing diet.

  6. Hello!!! I have a doubt about it! Can someone help me?? … Do I have to eat after exercise? I mean. I exercise every afternoon and I usually don't have dinner. But is it okay if I eat hours later after the exercise?

  7. @FoodPorn how much weight should I lose I weight about 160 or 170 pounds my goal is to get about 140 pounds what kind of food should I eat?

  8. Her stomach just looks all sucked in from "not eating" for 3 days….her legs and arms are still the same. I mean kudos for doing it, but then you gain the weight right back if you eat back to regular again (possibly gain more weight even) and don't keep this consistent with regular exercise. Tried this and you just mostly lose water weight. Take it from me. I've lost 80 lbs of friggen fat…and NOT by doing this ridiculous diet. People just want to take easy routes, but let me tell you…it's all about the struggle and the journey y'all. Peace ??????❤️❤️

  9. I heard a couple of friends talking about the diet –  “loli special plan” and made the decision to Google it for myself. It has completely improved my life for the far better.

  10. Is their anything I can replace the ice cream with? Im not allergic to ice cream or anything, just would rather not fuck with super sugary things. But, if worst comes to worst….. eating a cup of ice cream isnt all that bad.

  11. the pictures are exaggerated and do not reflect the actual weight loss difference since they are clenching after, and crouching and letting go in the b4…

  12. Can I use vanilla bean ice cream instead of vanilla ?? I am also allergic to grapefruit this affect the diet anyway I don't have a 1/2 grapefruit ?

  13. For everyone who is a grapefruit hater ( like me) and is wondering if you can exchange the grapefruit for another fruit. Grapefruit contains compounds and enzymes that naturally burn fat, and promote weight loss, although, grapefruit isn't just gonna melt your pounds away if you eat it regularly. Containing grapefruit in your diet is a great booster for fat burning though, and the site that has the rules and the meal plan for the military diet, says that sugars and artificial sweeteners cannot be used (obviously) but adding a little stevia to coffee or tea isnt so bad, so maybe add tiny amounts of stevia to your grapefruit next time and it should help with the taste. xx

  14. This is a really good diet to loose weight right before special occasion. It does work, only if person sticks to it strictly. I did try it myself. However, after coming to the daily nutrition, weight comes back…I think my weight came back, even though I do not eat much. I would apply this diet only 4 special occasions.
    thanks for the video, btw. But those guys cheated, otherwise they would lose more! 😛 :D

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