The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

Eggs are a good food and eating eggs as part of a balanced diet will not raise your cholesterol. On the other hand, eating an egg by itself will leave you hungry.

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47 thoughts on “The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

  1. If you aren’t a pussy you can just eat/drink eggs raw, you can get through so many eggs like this. Taste won’t matter.

  2. Diet that dont work?? Are you kidding me?? "…eating an egg by itself will leave you hungry" (caption). HAHAHA.. fuck this shit. Egg diet works like hell doc. And it didnt leave you hungry. Well, maybe if you eat one quail's egg a day, then yes.

  3. Ttttheo The Lord of Lizards November 25, 2019 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    Four whole eggs poached every morning, two raw in milk every night. Not on an egg diet bit I do eat a lot of the delicious little bastards.

  4. The Future Is Here November 25, 2019 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    Eating only one food a day is for really stupid, lazy people
    Doesn't matter what the food is.
    A simple move, from a simple mind, will simply hurt your body

  5. It's amazing how things change. All the research and hysteria in the 70's-80's about heart disease and then cutting fat only led to people steadily getting more obese and unhealthy.
    The food pyramid taught in many schools as a balanced diet was mainly nonsense which again led to people overeating carbs and getting more obese and unhealthy.
    I've seen really great changes in my body and overall mood by eating more quality protein (eggs, fish, chicken, beef) more fruits and vegetables more diary like full fat milk, greek yogurt, real butter and a lot less sugar and refined carbs breads pasta etc.
    I've even started increasing my salt intake and surprisingly have a lot more energy and am not dying of a heart attack.
    Everything has improved by eating a more old-fashioned home cooked diet similar to how people used to eat, my overall mood is better, I'm leaner and I have more energy.

  6. The raw egg contains in the skin stem cell in which will turn bach on collagen production and will heal injuries. Just blend 4 raw eggs and drink and fr taste ice cream or whatever.

  7. First, eat the whole egg. Fats don't make you fat.
    Unless you cook on very low temperature DON'T cook with olive oil. Use butter.

  8. Even if he was correct he does not explain why it wouldn’t work. It’s very filling and low calorie. I’m a vegan so I need to gain not lose but I just came across this and Idk how guys like this have degrees or jobs

  9. Patrick Longshanks November 25, 2019 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    Dr. Dave doesn’t know what he’s fucking talking about. I guess it goes to show you, you can’t be dogmatic about an academic consensus. I bet all the anti-fat, pro grain “science” was pier reviewed.

  10. This guy is full of crap. Egg diet totally works. Lost 20 lbs and wasn’t starving. More importantly, my bloodwork yielded positive results after

  11. This was absolutely worthless. Explains nothing, the egg diet was vague inaccurate and misleading. It absolutely works and is healthy.

  12. I started eating 10 eggs per day from yesterday..
    Is it good or bad ???
    any english person please tell me
    What doctor said..????

    I dont undertood doctors english..😥

  13. This chucklhead is not quite lying his ass off. Just ignorant as hell over the issue.

    He wants you to listen to him because he is a doctor. Yet (as a doctor myself) I would have him bursting into tears of shame as the fraud he is. You see, in medicine (and its been this way a hundred years now) we know there is a immense gulf between theory and outcome. Especially when the theory involve massive amounts of lying. Among ourselves at least although this is supposed to be common knowledge, the only thing that matters is demonstrable outcome. And here is where the huge yawning gulf is and how so much as picking up research and reading it immediately reveals what is going on. Libtard and vegans have engaged in a protracted campaign of lying about what is good for you (and eggs are very high on the list). Every generation has its science but there is amazing consensus for hundreds if not thousands of years.

    Quite frankly, you could live and live long and healthy eating nothing but eggs. How do I know? Because whole people have done so. Duh?

    You could also eat nothing but potatoes. Humans do in fact have this amazing ability to eat garbage and live. But you won't live well. You will be weaker than others, more stupid than others, and have far fewer children. And this was a major historical fact. Be much more vulnerable to starvation. Whole peoples vanished in Europe's potato famines.

    Sure, you can disagree, in our well fed society. But if we become not so well fed, you are going to die and die ugly.

    Quite frankly, many of you are deformed because although you have plenty of calories, your nutrition is poor.

  14. I have followed versatile Vicky egg, apple, oatmeal diet plan in 2017 lost 18kgs. Egg works. Skin also started glowing….

  15. And this guy is supposed to be a doctor
    I know for a fact that it works and from all the comments . clearly other ppl do it to

  16. Lol he think all 6 grams of protein are in the egg white?

    “The yolk has essential minerals and vitamins just throw that shit Away and have one for taste”

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