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42 thoughts on “The 3 Day Diet | IT REALLY DOES WORK!

  1. These kind of results we’re never foreseen by me. I actually never thought in days that I would be able to shed 7 lbs. Almost all it took was a google search just for this diet “sowo amazing plan” for me to learn all of this. You should give it a go. Google and study on the topic.

  2. You aren't supposed to eat a whole cup of ice cream you can only have 1/2 cup of ice cream for any one who wants to go on this diet

  3. Oh gawd, here we go again. Why do I come on these videos like I'm really going to learn something. A helpful tip, we all know what a flat stomach looks like, it would be so much more helpful if you could just get to the point without the flash show. However, if you started off being morbidly obese at 600 lbs your flat stomach would be interesting to look at, but if you're already thin there really is no point, just thought you should know. It's actually a big bore looking at people show off with what others are struggling with!

  4. I couldn`t wait to try the weight loss plan “fizy unique plan” for myself once I had Googled it. I was so excited. My good friend shed 11 pounds within this plan, and I extremely advise that you try it!

  5. The “vivi awesome plan” diet guide (Google it) has definitely been the difference in my lifestyle to being much healthier. It absolutely was so easy – I just was required to Google it and started out my weight loss of 15 pounds. If you always wanted to lose your excess fat, just Google this diet plan.

  6. This amazing diet helped me to drop 11 lbs within just a week. Google the diet plan, "fizy unique plan". It`s just incredible. You may achieve good results such as me.

  7. My colleague suggested me to do a easy Google search on this diet, "fizy unique plan". I took his advice and followed it. The effect was just overwhelming. I lost 12 lbs.

  8. A colleague of mine used this impressive diet plan, "fizy unique plan" (Google it). The result was wonderful; she lost 10 lbs. I just googled it immediately and also I`m also using this extraordinary diet.

  9. I been told a few friends discussing about the diet –  “loli special plan” and made the decision to Google it for myself. It has completely changed my life for the better.

  10. Great video, thank you. I found this amazing video that explains why most people either can't lose weight or after they have lost their weight they can't seem to keep the weight off. You can watch this video at and you don't have to give your email to see it. Thanks again, great video and good luck.

  11. she stated she was on her period,which could of been reason why she didn't lose more than three lbs,you can retain as much as 14/20 lbs of water during your monthly,it's about calorie consumption not magical food,the toast,ice cream,an hot dogs are not good for your bodies.

  12. give you all advice …..start young as far as eating healthy everyday and exercising , you wouldn't believe how important it is …….this way , you won't have health issues when you eat to much processed foods …I will do this diet to an "T" exactly what it says to do . No cheating at all , because I am DETERMINED to lose weight .Also your body slows down when you become older and harder to lose the weight ….that's a given …..

  13. I love how people keep saying u have to eat those food only! No substitutions or it won't work! Lmao. Have you guys even looked at their website? Or do u just do what u see on YouTube?

  14. Hello, I have done this diet before. It works. The full 10 lbs comes off, but you must follow it to a T. You can't add, skip, or substitute anything. If you substitute and are successful, that is excellent, but it is a risk (This is where the 6,7,8, & 9 lb loss comes into play). I lost a total of 35lbs. The 5lbs was because I cheated and stopped on the 2nd day of the last diet cycle I did. 😉 Best of luck :)

  15. You should follow it correctly as the diet is about the combination of all those foods together that helps boost fat burning so if you skip you're not gona get the full benefits of this diet. Make sure you get you're caffein ( coffee or tea when required )

  16. You didn't loose more weight because you didn't follow the meal plan step by step. Every single food on the plan has its purpose and is designed to chemically work together and in conjunction help you loose the weight. I have been doing this diet from time to time for a while now and I always loose 10 pounds. The only time I lost less was because I skipped a couple of foods. You can't alter it in any way if you want great results.

  17. Iv done this diet and followed it exactly how it is no oils or salt or pepper … When prepped my food , and only lost 3 fkn pounds … This diet is crap … Lie!!!

  18. Would I still lose weight even though I am a picky eater who hates veggies like green beans, carrots, and cottage chese?
    Would it be the same if I did the routine except with out veggies?

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