The 12 Best Breakfast Recipes of All Time – Amazing Breakfast Ideas

Hi guys, welcome to my channel: Wow! Delicious Food This video have The 12 Best Breakfast Recipes of All Time – Amazing Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings …

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48 thoughts on “The 12 Best Breakfast Recipes of All Time – Amazing Breakfast Ideas

  1. This music is an instant turnoff. So bad, that it sparks curiosity. Who the heck produces this industrial music? Are there people who like it? Why did "Wow Delicious Food" choose this music? Did you pay money for this music?

  2. Guys mosss u can always make your eggs well done..iv got nothing against the eggs except for the false advertising of the pic…

  3. Wow very nice thanks for sharing 😋👌hope you will visit and support our food channel Dish Wish too thanks 😋💕👌

  4. bohut jaldi dekhya … khuch samajh ne se payhele end horahahai … or kuch measurements toh nehi dikhaya ….. Very bad ….. unlike.

  5. Michael Rodriguez October 11, 2019 at 6:15 pm - Reply

    What is the name of the last dish? The sugary banana wrapped in some sort of mushy bread and fried, it looks delicious.

  6. I’ve made dinner for five faster than this for breakfast. You’re giving recipes for a restaurant night for a family home.

  7. Normally, for breakfast, I have an egg with an avocado and my special blend of seasoning.

    But I like to mix it up every once in a while with something totally random.

    This morning, it was sliced potatoes and carrots with my special blend of seasoning.

    It really doesn't matter too much to me what is on the table because, if you spice it the right way, you can make just about any meal an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I even secretly carry my blend of spices so if I happen to eat somewhere else away from home that I've got the magic zest to make anything better.

    And no, you can't have my secret recipe. It's a proprietary blend but you can beg all you would like to.

  8. Hayley Rose Winters October 11, 2019 at 6:15 pm - Reply

    So much deep frying… 😱 and double-baking bread, which causes the production of the carcinogenic acrylamide. No, thanks.

  9. Shamelessly calling "Croque Madame" that piece of junk in front of Europeans… Not to mention the rest of the junk. What a shame!

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