Stuffed Chicken With Feta: A Mediterranean Diet Recipe

Feta? Chicken? Tart cherries? Yes, please. You’ve probably heard of the Mediterranean diet before, especially after it made headlines in 2013 with a published …

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4 thoughts on “Stuffed Chicken With Feta: A Mediterranean Diet Recipe

  1. That looks delicious and easy I am definitely going to do this. I wish they would have cut the chicken open after it was finished cooking so we could have seen the beautiful inside and what it looked like.

  2. I stumbled on this, tapped on it because I hate cooking but have to cook for 5 every day. Looked possibly easy.

    Watched it…still looks easy. Will probably try it tonight since I was going to have chicken anyway.

    …but Michigan Medicine? Really? This is where I find easy healthy recipes in YouTube? Weird, but I take what I can get.

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