Sausages, Eggs and Squash- Easy SCD/Paleo Meal Idea

Hello! We are back with another easy meal idea for those of you on the SCD/Paleo diets! It’s very easy to make and I demo how to cook sausages, eggs, and …

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7 thoughts on “Sausages, Eggs and Squash- Easy SCD/Paleo Meal Idea

  1. Lisa777 There is a better way May 23, 2019 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    Even though we are on different paths, That doesn't mean I can't support you. I am happy you are finding what works for you on your journey to good health. You are beautiful! Love & Peace. BIG hugs

  2. Last year I bought every type of squash the market sold, my final analysis was Acorn, Orangetti & Zucchini were best, each being uniquely different too.

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