Satvic Soup Recipes for Dinner | Subah Jain

Satvic Soup Recipes for Dinner | Subah Jain Satvic Meal Replacement Soups for Weight Loss. You can have these soups in place of dinner or lunch. They are …

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24 thoughts on “Satvic Soup Recipes for Dinner | Subah Jain

  1. Devotion Radhika June 25, 2019 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    I tried pumpkin soup yesterday very first time and it was amazing.
    Less cooking time and less efforts.

  2. Hi , just love all your food science…want to know 2 things..
    Recipes to care for endometioma cysts & arthritis
    How to do tempering with rai, jeera, methi seeds or hing? Is cold pressed coconut oil good ?

  3. Spices have lots of antioxidants, so they can be healthy. Heat-inducing Spices are especially nice in winter, which is when your body can use some nice, grounding spices.

  4. U r inspirational… Natural food is best as artificial n packed food imbalances tridosha… Leads to several problems.

  5. Five parts bahera powder.. One part senna powder.. Five parts jagger of sugarcane +one part tamarind.. Add one quarter part of fresh Aloe Vera gel.. . Don't put this mixture into fridge.. Lid of pot to remain open a bit.. To stir mixture daily.. Required amount at bedtime with Luke warm water or plain normal water.. In the morning add a spoon of apple cider vinegar to cucumber juice n a whole lemon juice.. Message belly around naval in clockwise न anti clockwise.. Go vegetarian.. Drink much water.. Avoid spice.. 500 steps walking in between bedtime and dinner.. Avoid exposure to sharp sunlight.. Avoid lifting or carrying goods of much weight.. Avoid fast food.. Avoid non-veg particularly at night.. Don't fry mutton, chicken or fish – – – boil it.. Avoid chips, biscuits or fried foods.. Do some free hand exercise adding bow, prostration.. Trim hair.. Apply heat to ladies hair… Avoid dairy product..take daily shower.. Wvashing hands feet face few times a day. Not to awaken late night.. Not to do vigorous exercise.. Not to smoke more than once.. Not to take coffee or tea more than once.. Never exert pressure for passing facea – – it will crack piles affected portion inside Anus and create unbearable painful condition at the time of going commode – – – wait for peristolsis natural pressure or urge to go commode.. To drink coconut water daily minimum fifty ml.. To take solid food to create pressure of toilet.. Not to sit or stand at one place at a stretch.. Not to use deodorant.. To use cotton or natural fabric.. To mate once a week n oldage (a month or more) .. Not to exert extra pressure in toilet.. Not to itch asshole – – for instant relief use castor oil or Mustard or Aloe Vera fresh gel or petrolium..not to ignore natural call… Not to take pui, gourd, soya.. Not to eat or drink hot or cold stuff.. Don't spend much time more than ten minutes at commode.. Use piles cure ointment with nozzle if we feel discomfort at Anus area and Enema if all methods fail to detox.. Try to sit upon old toilet steps at time of natural call with knee upside and attached to abdomen.. To wipe around Anus to check infection after toilet… Every portion of food that we put into our mouth, that portion should be pressed with Jaws minimum 32 times before shallowing.. Avoid spice but corrainder, black cumin, Randhwa salt, turmeric, green pepper, onion, garlic, black round pepper, clove.. Not to take so much food at one sitting – – to finish taking meal in such condition that some part of hunger remains due – – devide stomach in 3 parts – – now take water one part – – one part food – – remaining part to remain empty.. We may fill it with zikr.. Not to take much rest – – to remain active most time.. Not to start any type of physical work or movement immediately after taking meal – – rather take some rest न then start work.. To take some live food like sprouts, salad.. Chicken न small fish of course boiled is allowed.. In case of acute irritation at Anus area (inside or outside) do purchase some Tablets of Erythromycin.. It will help to cure internal rupture of Anus canal fast.. Do take sitz bathe or press ice placed inside some pouch or clothes at Anus area to soothe irritation after toilet.. Do take tea spoonfull(2 Marigold leaf juice, 2 dhob grass, 1 raw turmeric, 1 harad powder) every morning after breakfast… No horse riding.. Do take prune, indian black sweet berry, indian green sweet berry,.. Do take papaya, apple, pears, guava, custard apple, Indian bitter green gourd with camelcase type layer.. Do take daily four liters of water per day with Randhwa salt half tea spoon.. Taro of any shape, Raddish, green leaf of vegetable, Yam, Ridge gourd.. Do take celery, thyme, mint, lemon grass, corrainder leaf, cumin leaf, ajwain leaf.. Tomato not for patient of white discharge or urinary tract infection..
    Thank you.. Afterlife forever..

  6. Sabyasachi Satapathy June 25, 2019 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Hi Subah I have question western people eat meat drink alcohol but there more fit & healthy than us. Will u please explain. Thanks God Bless U.

  7. All the three sups are yummy and easy to make…insted of rosemery and thime can we can any thing else, because these things are not avalible on a frequent basis….pls suggest..
    thanks…pls help me so that i
    can take these on a regular basis….

  8. Great video! I love pumpkin soup 🍜 I’m going to try all 3 the way you suggest. It looks amazing 😉 and healthy. ☀️🌸🌼😁

  9. Pandharinath Dudile June 25, 2019 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Dear Subah please bring all your Satvik videos in Hindi. My wife can not understand English. Or do you want your Satvik videos limited to English understanding viewers only? Please bring Hindi videos. Thanks

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