click to show more☟ Who would have thought wholesome eating could be so quick and easy? In this video I share with you 3 breakfast and 3 morning snack …

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33 thoughts on “QUICK VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS » bento box style

  1. Just started getting into healthy stuff! M 18 years old, which green is good for me to detox and to refresh myself every morning!?

  2. Xylia Sahara Tocao October 12, 2017 at 10:20 am - Reply

    hi Sadia ! thank u for sharing ur expertise on healthy food choices 🙂 I appreciated it much <3 .Big Love from Philippines ^^

  3. Really enjoy these quick but healthy meal ideas, Sadia! Hope you could do more. I work full time so these simple meals really help me eat healthier.

  4. I was looking for office lunch ideas and came across your channel! Loving your videos and ideas 🙂 Quick question – does avocado stay fresh when prepared in the morning for lunch? It tends to turn brown after a while.

  5. Doesn't the cut fruits and veggies become stale till you eat them? I have learned in school that the ingredients in fruits get oxidised and hence we can't get them if we don't eat them as soon as we cut them. I usually make raytas and salads at the time of serving my lunch or dinner. Please advice.
    And I like your minimalism videos most and realise that it's really your way of life from within.

  6. Hey!
    I'm trying to go vegan and this video was super helpful since I have no time in the morning to prep for my food for the day. My question is what soy yogurt do you recommend?

  7. Love the recipes. Thank you so much !!! I have a question. Where did you buy the containers ? Do the containers have lids?

  8. I'm lactose intolerant so I've already been using lactose free milk and such but I never knew there was yogurt without milk omg I'm so happy

  9. These are amazing and beautifully decorated. 🙂 Fun fact though: While we absorb the omegas from flaxseeds and nuts well, our bodies actually struggle to absorb those in chia seeds because of the outer layer they get when eating them (or when in contact with liquid). However, for pudding and jam, they're great for their jelly consistency.

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