QUICK HEALTHY CHOCOLATE RECIPES | easy breakfast, snack + treat ideas

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy these quick easy healthy chocolate recipes THAT I LOVE SO MUCH 🙂 Some breakfast, treat and snack ideas for you! just in time for …

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46 thoughts on “QUICK HEALTHY CHOCOLATE RECIPES | easy breakfast, snack + treat ideas

  1. Omg the chocolate recipe from 4:45 on!!! Aaaaah, I just had a sunday-afternoon choco craving and I had the ingredients in my kitchen, so I tryed it and aaaaaaaaah omg I love it! 🍫🍫🍫 ❤️ you soooo much for that! I really love your videos and that you are how you are! 😍❤️

  2. GIRLLLLLLL I just made the oatmeal just now and it’s AMAZING! Thankyou so much I appreciate every single recipe you put out they are alwayyyyyyssss so delicious 😋🙌🏼💕💕💕💕

  3. Teresa Aguilera June 21, 2019 at 4:09 pm - Reply

    Hello wondering if you could d make a video on meat portion to stay within point system and high protein intake for 12 to 14 point.

  4. What kind of maple syrup do you use? All the ones I have found are full of sugar. Do you have any tips what to look for on the lable?

  5. Just as an information – cocnut oil is not as healthy as evrybody thinks. It just contains a lot of saturated fats and should also only be consumed in moderation. There are definitely healthier fats (if the health aspect is something someone would be interested in)

  6. Fiore Barrientos June 21, 2019 at 4:09 pm - Reply

    In my country people only have avocado in salty things and I feel is super weird to use it for sweet stuff…super weird

  7. These are lovely ❤️👍🏼🍫 thank you for sharing! Love your recipes! Need to make those homemade chocolates how perfect for Valentine’s Day!❤️❤️❤️

  8. Girl! I love your channel!! Am a culinary student so I love food, but I have to watch what I eat because I have a brain tumor. Your recipes are the only once I love making and it doesn't make me want to kill myself! Also I lost 12 pounds since I started using your recipes so thank youuuu!

  9. I love these videos! Keep it up (: I’ve tried the recipes and I love them 😍 How many Calories in the chia chocolate pudding?

  10. I absolutely love your videos like this, they make healthy food accessible and normal for everyone to try; some food channels just do healthy recipes that seem so impossible and gross to try!!
    Love you and your videos x

  11. I really wanted to know is milk ok for diet? I have it everyday with oat flakes in the morning but I lost like 3 kgs in a week and a half

  12. Can I substitute cocoa powder with chocolate-flavored protein powder (and use less maple syrup since protein powder is sweet)? Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  13. Oh my gosh the first recipe 🤤 Can you please say the calories?
    Ps. How are you now? Hope that your health is getting better ❤️

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