Quick & Easy Healthy Meal Ideas

Today I’m sharing with you a few quick & easy to make healthy meals/snacks. I hope you get some ideas and inspiration from my favorite healthy meals. Please …

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47 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Healthy Meal Ideas

  1. Did you really say that raw spinach has "more nutrition" than cooked spinach? When most vegetables and leafy greens are raw they are good for you, but when they get cooked it makes the nutrients easier to be absorbed into your body, so if you're really worried about eating more nutrient dense foods you might want to try cooking your spinach. Also don't be afraid of carbs, your body turns carbs into energy and as long as you're not pairing those carbs with super fatty junk then it won't hurt you.

  2. Use raw spinach because we all know that cooked spinach usually tastes like crap. It's not Popeyes the sailor men. We don't gain magical powers immediately by eating canned spinach.

  3. Have you looked into veganism? I was wondering because you focus a lot on healthier and clean lifestyle. How do you feel about it in respect to makeup, food, and lifestyle? Also looking at your video on toxins, have you looked into how animal products are affected and the toxins put inside? or do you eat organic animals as well?

  4. Do you and Manny allow yourself to indulge in native dishes from your heritage/family? Being from Dominican decent, do you eat mangu? Platanos maduros? Tostones? Do you have any meal ideas/recipes with a latina twist?

  5. Hi @SunKissAlba! I was wondering if you were considering doing a video or blog post for the holidays? I'm in the process of trying to live a healthier lifestyle and with the holiday's coming up, I was just wondering if you had any healthy alternatives or tips?

  6. This may be an odd comment, but your skin is so beautiful and healthy! Flawless and natural! You can tell you eat very healthy just by looking at your skin. Lovely video!

  7. Lmao all these people yelling "EGGS HAVE SO MUCH CHOLESTEROL" guys you're not even supposed to have more than TWO eggs a WEEK. It's how many you eat on a regular basis that's going to affect your health, if you eat three eggs once you're not gonna develop any heart diseases. Also "vegans everywhere smh" and i'm just ????? she literally said she adds baked chicken to her salad lmfao at least watch the full video

  8. I find it funny how certain people always try to judge what others eat. My family eats dairy, meat, eggs (in moderation), and are extremely healthy. If you want to be vegan so be it. I was for 8 years, and did not ever tell others what they are eating is unhealthy. Everyone has their own way of being healthy and what works for them. Alba has beautiful skin, hair, & a great body- she doesn't need to change anything. Grow up, not everyone is going to transition to veganism.

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