Quick and HEALTHY Breakfast Ideas//Oatmeal Recipe

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26 thoughts on “Quick and HEALTHY Breakfast Ideas//Oatmeal Recipe

  1. hey, you re amazing and a very inspiring person.I want to lose weight because my experience and especially of school are not so good. I made to lose 20 kg last year but because of exams this year ( I live in Greece and I give exams that name is " panellhnies,, you Don't want to know or live this year) and because of that I took back 8 kg and I feel so bad and terrible and I just want to lose them again and feel again more confidence. I want from you to make a video of workouts,meals and tips etc to help me because as I said before you are very inspiring person and you can help me a lot.

    kisses, Mary.

  2. Omg the dessert you ate at the end is called ''künefe'' and it's a traditional dessert from Turkey, did you like it? Also i'm from Turkey! Send you a lots of love!! xx

  3. Jaqueline Alejos April 16, 2017 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    Girl, Manhattan Beach is my go to beach! I usually take the metro train or ride my bike there. Can't wait for it to start getting warmer here
    P.S. Great video! 😊

  4. Stephanie Sequeira April 16, 2017 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    That look delicious. I love to try new breakfast but I always end up eating the same thing. My followers are always messaging me to stop eating eggs, oat,s and bananas lol

  5. I literally just finished filming 'breakfast ideas for under 350 cals' and saw this haha! This looks yummy 🙂

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