Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School | Healthy Recipes

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes| Back to School Hope you guys find this video helpful! Please give it a thumbs up if you find …

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44 thoughts on “Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School | Healthy Recipes

  1. I’m REALLY trying to get into the whole oats thing now. Gotta lose this freshman fifteen and start feeling HUMAN again

  2. love these but sometimes I just don't even have time to eat breakfast cause I wake up in 6am and bath then go to school

  3. I'm a bit late to the party, but…

    Love love love your backpack!!! Where is it from? :O
    I'm craving those toasts now by the way! 😀

  4. FRESHMAN 15. I AM GOING TO AVOID YOU. Haha, thanks for this vid, too! I actually bought chia seed for college because I was inspired by one of your past videos. So far I am seriously loving it as a healthy substitute for snacks. Definitely keeps me feeling full and it is so easy to make. Now I want to try your sandwiches and other recipes~ Also, I am a tooootal sucker for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You have great taste ;D!

  5. thank you for these awesome ideas!! your videos are getting better and better! I'm really happy that you've been making more of them ♥

  6. I have a sweet tooth so these are perfect to satisfy my cravings in the morning or even for a snack!!! The video quality is great too:) MAJOR LIKE 🙈

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