QUARANTINE MEAL IDEAS: 6 Easy healthy recipes to make at home!

Quarantine meal ideas! 6 easy, healthy recipes to make at home! The majority of these recipes can be made with items you already have in your freezer or …

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37 thoughts on “QUARANTINE MEAL IDEAS: 6 Easy healthy recipes to make at home!

  1. I Think I will be trying the cookie bites, they sound good. everything looks wonderful and delicious. Thanks carly

  2. These look really good but make sure that chicken is thawed. The chicken will thaw in thaw in the soup causing a growth of bacteria considering how slow it cooks

  3. What a great little 10 minute moment of sanity! Sigh. I've been really busy looking after my mum – preparing meals ahead for her etc – so it's nice to come back to fresh quick meals for one when I get home. I think I can make some version of all 6 recipes! I love your humour too, thanks Carly. It's funny to see what foods people don't want to stockpile!! Haha.

  4. These are great Carly! Making soup on fridge clear out day is a true no-waste idea, then replenishing with your grocery order/run the next day. Thanks!

  5. I’ve made the peanut butter protein balls twice this week, soo good! I just don’t know when to stop eating them!

  6. Wow loved this video. All the recipes were affordable, easily accessible, and didn't require a bunch of different utensils. Super creative!

  7. I want to try all of these!! I think they all sound great! I've been on the Keto diet but having a hard time sticking to it because I rarely eat things from a package. But these recipes are really healthy!! I'm going to add the ingredients to my Clicklist and cross my fingers that I get what I need! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Love the IDEA for this vid…maybe less aleeady made/bought items & more ingredients though? (Seriously, any gnocchi &filafel u have on hand??) um,no. But great idea &will try the pancakes & protein balls!

  9. You nailed it girl, most of these ingredients I do have on hand already or can get some version of them on Instacart. What I'm learning through this experience is to be more creative and resourceful in the kitchen. I think the first one of these I will try is the banana pancakes for my 3 year old and I. I love the idea of adding almond flour and oats to bulk it up a bit. I have made protein pancakes similar to this before, but I'm left still feeling hungry, so I really like your additions to this recipe.

  10. I make the pancakes for my 1 yr old, except I use 1 banana 1 egg 2 tablespoons wholemeal SR flour and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Highly recommend adding the cinnamon in Carly! And they're good cold as a snack too straight out of the fridge 😊

  11. I'm definitely going to try the peanut butter balls and the chia seed bowl! Thank you for such an amazing video, quarantine really has me wanting to be Gordon Ramsey and I'm not mad lol

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