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31 thoughts on “Prepping Your Meals for the HCG Diet Recipes

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  10. Toni, I am so glad I found your blog and these videos! I love to cook and I have tweaked and invented many P2 recipes. I love your style and use of ingredients. Thanks and keep on sharing, please!

  11. wow i will be starting my hcg dite after xmas,and hav been looking for recipes. So u being a great there any i can get ur recipes? Do u hav a recipe book of hcg foods? How to hear from u soon ! Need help Thanks deblove


  13. @MissDaisyHcg Thank you! I'm itching to make more, but my video camera broke on Christmas day sometime between opening presents and eating dinner. It's in the repair shop now.

  14. @2hip2009 Thank YOU! I'm so awkward in front of the camera, but I'm determined to share as many recipes and cooking tips as possible!

  15. @rillasvilla Those are great ideas and I am definitely going to get those types of recipes up here. You can find my recipes and menus at by blog. See the web address in the video info. It's brand new, so bear with me while I add my recipes!

  16. @rillasvilla Thanks for watching! I don't believe in not "mixing vegetables" on protocol, especially when they are used in small amounts to accent the recipe. However, I know that many of my friends want to do it that way, so I'm going to be doing a series of recipes and I'll show how to do them at least three ways. POP, Phase 3, and Phase 4. Are there any particular recipes or types of recipes you're interested in seeing?

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