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6 thoughts on “Potatoes on the paleo diet

  1. A lot of people believe that potatoes are fattening because they are high in carbohydrates, but this is not true, macro nutrients such as carbs fats and protein are not what causes weight gain, weight gain (fat gain) is caused by having a caloric surplus or eating more calories then you burn. No one can escape the law of thermodynamics, this is just pure fact.

    When you consume carbohydrates it is converted into glucose in the blood stream, every cell in your body runs strictly on glucose and is actually very efficient at using glucose for energy, if you are getting more glucose then you need (burning) the body will store that glucose as glycogen in the liver and muscles, once your glycogen reserves are full the body will then store glucose as fat if there is a surplus. Surplus is a very important word because that's the key to weight gain, I might add that the cultures that eat the highest amount of carbohydrates are the slimmest, such as japan. (Before McDonald's) When you look at the calories per gram in carbs it's only about 4 calorie a gram compared to 9 calories per gram in fat. My point is that its much more difficult to gain weight on high carb foods because the calories are much more dilute, I challenge anyone to eat 2100 calories worth of potatoes, (that's about three kg of potatoes), that is a lot of food for only 2100 calories. Me personally I burn 3000 calories a day, according to the law of thermodynamics I would need to be in a caloric surplus of at least 3100 calories a day in order to gain weight, if I ate 3100 calories worth of potatoes a day that would be more then 4kg (8 pounds) worth of potatoes a day, that's a lot of food!!! I don't think I could eat that much food a day, the volume would be too much for my stomach.

    Check out Andrew Taylor, this man only consumed potatoes for an entire year. He about 6 pounds of potatoes a day, always ate till full and satisfied and still lost 52kg of body fat in that entire year, also I might add his blood test results came back superb.

  2. I now grow a German originated potato called Nicola. It is a yellow fleshed potato that tastes wonderful no matter how you cook it… and it has a glycemic index of only 19, and a glycemic load of 9. The seed has only been available in Canada for about five years – very difficult to find, and expensive. I now grow enough to supply our winter needs, have enough left over for seed, and a little bit to sell to local gardeners.They all love this variety.I l eat the skin whenever possible (baked) as I'm told that is also where the most nutrients are. Enjoy your videos. I have a few gardening videos on my Youtube channel – you might find them interesting.

  3. hot sweet potato with cinnamon and almond butter is heaven for a quick snack☺ thanks Catalina for posting more videos here lately I'm loving the info also could you please post more recipe videos or what I eat in a day videos I'm in need of some inspiration in the kitchen as of late lol

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