Pete Evans – 'The Paleo Way – Putting It All Into Practice'

Pete Evans is an award-winning Australian Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and television presenter on Australia’s most popular show ‘My Kitchen Rules’.

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44 thoughts on “Pete Evans – 'The Paleo Way – Putting It All Into Practice'

  1. Thank you for mentioning being underweight and this way of eating helping the body to absorb nutrients thus gaining weight if needed. Not everyone is trying to lose weight. 😊

  2. Any diet that encourages more animal meat/fat is crazy. Meat is a known cancer causing food. Also when you taste all the meals on MKR, are you not breaking your diet choice?

  3. Hello, Ski Mum here! You are fantastic! I have been following you for a couple years now. You are right, it makes perfect sense that a chef knows!!!! So Thank You!! I make "Ski Lifestyle TV" I like to include inspiring links on my website I am including this. Please check out my Instagram @BigSkiLove which touches on health to support skiing or what you love. Also please check out @SkiMum for skiing and come visit us in Bend to ski at Mt Bachelor. Keep it up!! Thanks Pete. Big Ski Love, Ski Mum Out!!

  4. So for all the Vegans and other critisizing, here is the key point that Pete made, but many seemed to miss.   Every "body" is different.  There are absolutely many individuals out there who Paleo is not appropriate for based on medical conditions, genetics, and other factors.   Veganism of course is an option for many people that works well for them, so congrats on finding your life diet.   For those of us eating true Paleo (abundance of vegetables and more so then animal proteins), and have had success, the results are amazing and life transforming.   In addition to the physical health benefits, my mind is sharper, and as an unexpected pleasant surprise, I have become more focused on my goals, and I am more motivated to accomplish them.

  5. I been chronically sick. Always head cold. Always allergies. Always light sleep. So i come across pete man. I avoid the processed food ( sadly alcohol inlc) and immediately the swelling the bloating the head cold and the mucus started to diminished. I was like this is impossible and went ahead and bought 20 bucks shiraz and i did not finish the glass and my nose got blocked! So here i am. I am healing my body now with paleo and keto and pete evans!

  6. Chefs become the new Veterinarians? … First Question "What are you feeding?"
    (I asked my Veterinarian if she would be my DR and she just laughed, said she couldn't and referred me back to my MD… I asked him if he got the referral and he tried to tell me how far Medicine has evolved and tried to Prescribe Statins and BP Meds , I declined but did not fire him because he is good at sewing me up and he is a good guy)
    Now my BP, my Cholesterol, my Sugars and my Weight are all Well within ranges of a man 20 years my JR and all without his Prescriptions… I just became my own Veterinarian and did what she would do… I corrected my Diet.

  7. David Zhang Gaming quickscope king February 25, 2020 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Paleo? More like crazio! I’m have a master degree in uni melb and work at pwc and so I say paleo is for the sheep

  8. I watched The Paleo Way on Netflix & I adopted a Paleo diet (mostly just cutting out bread, rice, most grains, pasta and sugar and no processed crap) and so far I've lost 8 pounds. And I feel really good!

  9. I have a friend who never once had a piece of meat, or any dairy, or even a single egg. His name is Paul Iverson from MT, who I first met in Great Falls, and he would invite me over to his ranch. He was proud of having never tasted meat. This is because he was raised on a diet based on a book called "Counsels on Diet and Foods". Privately I asked his wife Ethel, "Doesn't Paul suffer from this diet? And her exact word were, "I have never seen Paul where he was so sick that he could not attend to his animals." (She was on the same diet) Now here is the clincher, I did lose Paul's phone number, but the last time I talked with Paul he was 105! Imagine that, no superfoods in his diet, mostly he ate when ever I was there, lentils and potatoes. Never once having meat! While homeless in Great Falls, one of his friends, Franciska H. Roberts let me live with her. She just like Paul, lived on a strict plant-based diet, and just like Paul, never needed a nursing home, or aids coming to help them, and she too, last time I talked with her was over a hundred, I can't remember her exact age at the time. Now this tells me, that the less animal products in our diet, the healthier, the longer we will live, and when we reach 100, we will still be vibrant and full of zest for life. Oh, if only I never had eaten meat in my life! In their book that they go by, the author tells these people, "Not a morsel of meat should enter our mouths." Rich Roll, possibly the great elite athlete today, found that when he went on a plant-based diet, he was over and over coming in first place in the Iron Man Triathlon.

  10. Pete mate, can we mix rice milk and potatoes and a little natural plant fats
    To make a all new BABY FORMULA free from that other shit..

  11. Hi guys. Great video Pete. If you'll indulge me for a second; I was veggie, then vegan, now paleo and, while I'm not sure I can make the full carny transition, my views on the nutrition and even ethics of meat have been somewhat mugged by reality. I made a short video about it if you're interested. No worries if not. Peace, Rob

  12. March 2, 2019. I am sitting here listening to you eating a lettuce wedge. I have severe food allergies and I am seeking help. I am GF and have allergies to: eggs(unless baked in goods), soy, corn, bananas, apples, melons, nightshades. I am so lost but capable of reading but then I am alone in this journey, my family is not on board.

  13. Whats's Susie Burrell's beef with you? Nasty. I think she has a government educated tunnel vision view.
    Keto rocks. No offal fir ne though 😂😃😊

  14. I loved this video extra inspiration I have been on a ketogenic way of eating and lost 33kgs I love to cook healthy food when I started 7months ago I had pcos and ibs now I have no symptoms it's amazing what happens when we give out body nutrients see my story on Instagram kiwi_keto_girl

  15. While in Montanna in 1978 I met a rancher, Paul Iverson and his wife Ethel who were vegans, I called him around eight years ago and he was 105. He was raised by Seventh-Day Adventist parents so he adhered to the diet strictly, told me he never had an egg, a glass of milk or cheese, or a morsel of meat in his entire life. I met his friend Fransiska H. Roberts in Great Falls, MT, also a strict vegan, and last time I called her she was well over a hundred, vibrant mental faculties, not in a nursing home either. I told this to the doctor I was assisting, Dr. Cunningham and he told me he was a vegan! Imagine my shock. My doctor told me to read the China Study, by Dr. Colin T. Campbell, where a six year study was done on 160 areas where meat was rarely eaten, cancer and heart disease, (big killer here in the U.S.) was extremely rare, so was a host of other chronic degenerative diseases. Now I do eat meat, but if I am wise, I will become a vegan, but go on a healthy vegan diet like Paul Iverson did and lived to be well over a hundred.

  16. I once followed a stupid diet with a very big focus on canned legumes (chickpeas etc) and I became very sick.
    I found the paleo diet and I followed it for a year. I was a sick 6'3 160 pounds at the time. After a year of paleo diet, I was healthy again but I was 150 pounds. I joined a gym and left the paleo diet to bulk up again. Now four years later I am 220 pounds but I am in good health.
    I really love the paleo diet. I will be using it to cut some fat now that I don't want to get any bigger. I also found that I am able to focus a lot better when I eat less carbs.
    I want to say thank you for your TV series. I've watched it on Netflix and I absolutely loved it. I think you are a fantastic host. Very positive message. You have a contagious love for food. I will learn more about cooking from now on.

  17. POKETFULLOFVINTAGE February 25, 2020 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Gotta laugh at Pete, they got you a bit unstuck there… tough crowd, they really don’t get the Aussie humour sad lot😂🤣😆

  18. Switched over to this way of eating nearly 3 months ago…haven't felt this great in YEARS.
    Wheat products are terribly inflammatory for me…it causes immense joint pain and stiffness…and all the processed crap and sugar just makes you feel horrible.
    All the naysayers on this thread can just go ahead and eat whatever they want…for me, and MANY more people, THIS is the way to health and better living.

  19. I'm not a real doctor but I play one on YouTube February 25, 2020 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    If you have a family, no need to explain to them just start and your spouse and kids will be doing it with out knowing it. The easiest thing to do is to teach by example

  20. valerie Nightshade February 25, 2020 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Sorry but this diet is not good for the environment. There’s no such thing as sustainably caught fish. Period. Also there is no way everyone could afford grass fed beef and is actually less sustainable than the alternative. A proper vegan diet is not only sustainable affordable but also safe and healthy. So anyone that was eating garbage like most people do would become less sick on this diet. processed food is poison.

  21. What this country needs is a resteraunt in every corner with this food. Nothing over the top. Roast with Sweet Potato. Pasta's with spiralled veggies. But nothing they dont get..

  22. What an absolute joker. Nothing he says isn't common sense, sells ready meals etc etc he's a business man who wears too much makeup

  23. I em on Ketogenic Diet?What is a Ketogenic Diet?

    The ketogenic diet (often termed keto) is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets.
    It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fat. The reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.
    When this happens, your body becomes incredibly efficient at
    burning fat for energy. It also turns fat into ketones in the liver,
    which can supply energy for the brain (6, 7).
    Ketogenic diets can cause massive reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels. This, along with the increased ketones, has numerous health benefits (6, 8, 9, 10, 11).

    Bottom Line: The ketogenic diet (keto) is a
    low-carb, high-fat diet. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, and
    shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and

  24. thanks Pete for your talk, i enjoyed it, even tho it was short and sweet i get the gist of what your saying and i been doing some of it too without even realizing, and those are the times i feel the best. But i had nobody to teach me anything, let alone cook, My poor mum was not a real good cook, although we did not starve. But living on Potato and sour cream most of your life, does not not make for a good diet. I think you should come home now and teach some ppl the good skills you have that we NEED. oi oi oi/ Cause i wanna get skinny some time before i die, or i'll die early 🙁

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