PALEO TORTILLA: simple mexican recipes + gluten free

If you’re looking for a really easy paleo diet, gluten free and low carb approved version of a flour tortilla (or a crepe), look no further! I love mexican recipes so …

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7 thoughts on “PALEO TORTILLA: simple mexican recipes + gluten free

  1. Wondering if I could substitute the Eggs to FLAX SEEDS (: will it hold? I’m allergic to all types of eggs. Not being able to intake eggs and gluten it’s Always difficult for me to find recipes for bread, desserts and now “flour tortillas”. Thanks.

  2. I tried these and they were very tasty. . . as crepes. They were too "floppy" and elastic for tortillas, though. Guess it's back to lettuce leaves. However, with some honey or butter or jam (or whatever other crepe filling one would want) they really were very good. I wonder if you didn't have so many hits because folks (like me) are desperate to find a good paleo tortilla. So the search continues. . .

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