Paleo Meal Prep for Weight Loss Check out this featured recipe from best selling author Jenny Castaneda who is also the founder of Paleo Foodie Kitchen. Click this link to purchase her cookbook:…

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7 thoughts on “Paleo Meal Prep for Weight Loss

  1. Yum. Can't wait to make this. I don't have Whole Foods near me but have found a farm near me that does overnight delivery by UPS for free. If anyone is interested in the name of the farm it is Whiskey Ridge Cattle Company. Not affiliated. My family has just been out to the farm and these are the sweetest people!!! I am making this today!

  2. This looks delicious. I'd look forward to this meal prep. Love your Calphalon griddle. Please tell me you don't heat your food up in the microwave in plastic? It's not at all good for you as it leaches chemicals from the plastic into your food. Not at all good for you. Having a glass container you can use to heat stuff up, would be ideal. TFS!

  3. Thanks for posting! Will try soon! Your Calphalon griddle works well–no need for the cast iron since roasting veggies on it might dry out easily 🙂

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