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10 thoughts on “Paleo Easy Weeknight Meal In Under 30 minutes | IHeartUmami

  1. Treating bacon, ham etc. with sugar is absolutely normal. The amount is <1% anyway, so by eating 100g (which is already a lot) it is still less than your daily dosis of salt. This amount absolutely cannot be harmful.
    The sugar fulfills an important role of conserving the bacon. Ask a butcher for a more detailed answer, I'm just some random internet guy.

    Delicious meal btw.

  2. I got interested since my good friend had dropped a few pounds and I planned to learn how. When mention of this paleo plan was brought up I immediately went right to google looking into this “loso shocking plan” paleo program. Right after knowing, I dropped twelve pounds right after the following days.

  3. After discovering a colleague who lowered 13 pounds of weight, I visited Google and looked for this specific paleo plan. Visit Google and look “loso shocking plan”, you will know the things i am talking about. They have a lot of tasty-looking recipes I am fired up to try.

  4. So educational! Your video making skills are getting so profesh too. Great lighting and camera angles. You're actually inspiring me! That chicken recipe looks so easy. Thanks for sharing!

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